Post-Ecliptic Venus Station

Image: Rene Magritte

So, here we are on the other side of the Ecliptic – a highly creative seed period between two eclipses (Feb 10-Feb 25), which usually lends itself to big changes, or lays the foundation for major shifts ahead over the next 6 months.  any interesting developments my pretties?  And your little dogs, too?

The Leo eclipse on February 10 was entry into new Era, but not without a hint of the past lurking in the background as Venus had begun her station slowdown to go retrograde already in fellow fire sign Aries.  The venusian journey begins this weekend… cue the re-entry of exlovers ( yes eyebrows raising), old business associates, unearthed creative potential and biz ideas once shelved due to off timing.  Basically, a total overhaul of your relationships and finances.  SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT?  See you in June… The vibe in general is Aries af right now even without this station- it’s that sensation of wanting to get shit done, itchy feet if you will, but Venus slows the roll… we’ve got time.

See my two poetry posts “Communion” and “Venus Enters Shadow” for poems portraying the overall MOOD of this transit… it’s thick

Post-Pisces Finale eclipse:  SF Bay Area right now there seems to be a general warding off of a post-ecliptic flu which to me makes sense after the massive dark moon purge of last week that either caused you to do some deep psychological dig, or you chose to avoid this and drown your sorrows in whatever choice vice is your go-to…  both options are physiologically effective on immune function.  I’ve been sucking down my adrenal tincture and immunity shots like my life depends on it…

Starting this site is not my cue to start giving unwarranted advice or taking a nose-dive into becoming a fatalistic catastrophic shitstorm astrologer whose major aim is to make you so afraid of going outside during Mercury retrograde that you forget your keys and drop your phone due to some kinda of subconscious horoscope induced programming..

However, this is my creative project after some years of asto-ranting, harassment and getting a fair amount of messages inquiring about various different things cosmos related.  As noted in my bio, I am an avid fan and long-time subscriber to Mystic Medusa.. she is the QUEEN and as I said, all-seeing eye of Astrology… go to her now and SUBSCRIBE… but come here for my processing anecdotal astro bits as well.

She will probably be happy that I will be harassing her less… but I’ll never stop.  Nope.

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