The Descent


While there is an incredible amount of astrological literature available to you around this upcoming retrograde transit of Venus (please see the wonderful work of Chani Nicholas here) I offer my sentiments, thoughts and intuition on the significance of this journey ahead:

In some respect the transit is only semi-rare; Venus appears to go backward in the sky roughly every 18 months. However, she only traverses the same sign in such a way every 8 years, with a variance in degrees.  Within a lifetime, she will only retrograde between 5 astrological signs.  (see above image as an example from – and notice the 5 pointed star… any associations?)

So, this work we are beginning in Aries/Pisces is significant to that specific area of our natal chart that Aries and Pisces occupy, but in general we must go to the collective themes and subsequent medicine and myth associated with Venus retrograde and the astrological signs she will be in over the next 3 months.


(Sumerian carving of Goddess Innana/Ishtar)

Aries the sacrificial Ram, the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars the warrior God, representing the initiating force of Spring and the beginning of the astrological New Year- may also be perceived as LONG associated with the Goddess, Shakti and Divine Feminine force of creation.  Note the Easter holiday around this time (ripped straight from the equinoxal celebrations of pagan descent). Dating back to Sumerian tablets, quite literally the oldest recorded stories known to man- we first see the Goddess Innana, followed by her Babylonian likeness Ishtar, appear in myth.  Associated with the spring, fertility, love – the Queen of Heaven and Earth is also linked to our planet Venus in the sky (named by the Romans).

NOW, we link the Myth of Innana’s Descent to the underworld with the semi-rare retrograde of the planet Venus.  What is this myth and what is it’s significance and reflection of our collective journey now?

Innana consciously descends to the underworld – representing that innate desire to discover the darker aspects of human existence, the necessary function of shadow work and self-discovery through the experience of pain and suffering.  She is stripped of her royal clothing one item at a time, until she is naked, shamed and hung on hook.  You can do your own research on this myth- I won’t go further- but ultimately, Innana ascends back to her throne.  We see this myth reverberated in ancient Greek and Roman mythology with Persephone and Hades, although it differs from the above.  The general theme being: that pull of the feminine down to the underworld. On a more mundane level, these myths are seen as explanation of the seasons.

Just as Innana, the oldest recorded Female archetype- we feel the call to the underworld…


(image above is Roman goddess Ceres, a fertility/mother figure associated with the mythology of Persephone’s descent into the underworld with Hades/Pluto)

In Astrology, intimacy and finances are one breathing organism.  The planet Venus and her placement in our natal chart generally sets the tone for how we relate to both. The work of Venus in Aries is that necessary deliberation between freedom and the desire to connect, give and receive love. This can also be applied to the realm of finance- dependence vs. independence. When we block ourselves from receiving due to ingrained ideas that interdependence is weak, that vulnerability is undesirable or because we learned through traumatic experience that to rely on others is to be hurt or disappointed- we cut off connection (or income) completely and watch our capacity for joy (abundance) degrade.  This retrograde cycle wants us to GO BACK and re-define what it means to stand on our own and still be open to love and prosperity.

The retrograde ends back at 27 degrees of Pisces, the last astrological sign of the zodiac associated with spirit, subconscious and psyche.  At this time, Venus will meet the asteroid Chiron the wounded healer and the conjunction speaks to the activation and call to heal our deepest wounds- whatever they may be.  There ABSOLUTELY is a need to look to the past and the lessons learned over the last 4 years- as we had eclipse cycles in both Aries and Pisces that stirred great changes.  If looked at in a holistic way, I would see this transit as an unearthing of cumulative lessons learned between 2013 and now- on an even broader scale back to 2009 when Venus last completed her Rx cycle in Aries- specifically linked to how we handle money and how we intimately relate to those closest to us.  We will be called to understand how our experiences over these powerful eclipse cycles, many of which were painful and life-altering (connected to the generational shifts of the Uranus-Pluto square) have created our behavior and relationship patterns.   What is functioning to bring us closer to abundance and connection?  What is NOT?

This is a time to explore the shadow aspects of who we are – as they bring us closer to our truth.  It’s an important part of the journey.  This work is by no means only about pain or darkness, it is ultimately a gift – as all retrograde cycles are; an opportunity to come deeper into connection with our loving essence and true nature.  

More to come.  XO

3 thoughts on “The Descent

  1. Thank you for this insightful post. I have spent quite a bit of time on this topic of the feminine ‘descent’ and subsequent ‘ascent’ and would like to add that the lesson learned from the pain, suffering, and struggle in darkness is the lesson of the virtue of true humility. A virtue that once granted transforms the soul and instigates the rebirth of the feminine ideal… this is my own understanding, and certainly open to debate! : )
    Once again, thanks for your lovely article.

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