The Procession


(photo by Ellie Bramley)

We’re on the sacred journey now – the descent of Venus through Aries/Pisces began early this Saturday morning and sets the tone for the spring ahead.  Deep relational work, the ever-present dance between Self and the Other, we’re called to go back and tend to any healing left unfinished in our closest bonds.  This, of course, being a direct reflection of our most important relationship-to SELF.  Venus in Aries is a fierce lover – representing that aspect of feminine nature so often neglected; the WARRIOR, the raw power of independence and sacred creative fire that burns with or without the activation of another.

Mars soon moving into Taurus and mutual reception with Venus speaks even more to the work we will be doing to balance masculine and feminine energy over the next 8 weeks.

The following is my most recent poem, written in the mood of retrospective reflection on lover’s past – but without the desire to raise the dead.




(photo by Geoff Kern)

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