The Redemption


(image is a Vajrayogini 18th century mandala, Rubin museum of art)

The energy in the skyscape and reflected upon us is that of great power struggles at the moment.  The concept of personal power comes to the forefront – how we do cultivate power?  How do we give it away?

Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn moving into square- this is the dominant transit for the coming weeks, combined with the Venus retrograde.  Meanwhile, Mars plugging away in Taurus in mutual reception with Venus.

Themes present are : Power, Death, Sex, Money, Masculine vs. Feminine, Independence vs. Vulnerability, Justice vs. Injustice

The Jupiter/Pluto square (the second of 3 this year) will see the geo-political climate heat up as old laws are challenged and dissolved.  On a personal level, we watch things around us fall- most certainly close personal relationships that are hanging by a thread.  This transit, as any Pluto transit does, brings us deeper into truth.  Deeper into internal Alchemy. We are once again called to let our grasp towards the future lessen, and embrace surrender- as we use anything stagnant, painful or dying in our lives as fuel for growth.  We tap into personal power that remains unaffected by external influence.

Retrograde Venus in Aries in mutual reception with Mars newly in Taurus, both planets in their weakened state- r0mantic and business relationships do not come without compromise now.  We are learning throughout the next several weeks what it is we value most through trial and error.  The masculine and feminine are fumbling to understand one another, grasping for a ledge or rock to lean on.  Prayer and meditation on balancing these energies is helpful- tolerance is necessary, although not easy to come by with Venus in Aries.  The fierce aspect of feminine nature is revealed and it seems in distress.  The state of the world is ripe with oppression and dishonor of the basic divine feminine principle of compassion- the goddess is not happy.



As we approach the Equinox in just a few days, we are offering up the last solar cycle.  This weekend is a most incredible time for reflection on what this past year, spring t0 spring, brought with it.  Challenges, celebrations, lessons.  We are in the post-ecliptic phase and have entered into a new cycle of Leo/Aquarius eclipses moving into 2018.  New characters have come in, old ones have faded out.  By Monday, I will have a small Equinox ritual posted on the site.

As above, so below.

The poem following was written in that upset felt more and more with the world around, as Narcissism and lack of compassion feels oppressively abundant.  We are all divine but just need to remember this deeply embedded truth.




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