Equinox & New Moon Ritual

A simple ritual for the Equinox, also an ideal meditation for the upcoming and highly potent Aries New Moon next Monday.   We are honoring the Fire element and ruler of Aries- Mars, the god of swift action and initiation.  In addition to this ritual meditation, I also suggest doing a moving ritual walk, hike or run.  Mars/Aries is all about movement.


Optional Altar offerings

(Any will do!)

-Red Spring flowers

-Red Candle


-Iron plate or bowl, Iron is the metal associated with Aries!

-Red stones: Red Calcite, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Red Jasper


Set ritual offerings together either on your altar or in a clean separate place, light your candle and herbs.

Write or speak outloud any poignant moments, or memories that surface as you reflect on the past Solar cycle (March 2016 to Now), losses and gains noted equally.  Look back through old journals, photos, mementos.  Let each memory awaken, but allow it to wash over you as you land back into presence.  These recollections can slowly deliver you deeper into the truth of where you are now.  Honor the journey and take your time doing this.

As you come back to the present moment, feeling complete on your recollections of the past year…

Find Agni (or Surya) Mudra with both hands, stimulating the internal fire:


Close your eyes and breathe deep.

Repeat the words:

“I honor those experiences of the past solar cycle that have brought me deeper into my truth.”

Bring your awareness to your heart, as you sit in stillness.

Let your hopes and desires for New Year manifestations slowly rise up from your heart into your throat, as you speak them into existence- stating what it is you want to call in for your new year.  Any words at all will do, Language is Magic.

When you have no more words and are ready to close the ritual, I invite you to say:

“May this new solar cycle deliver me to the highest and most joyful expressions of truth and love.”

Allow your candle to burn until it goes out.


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