The Primordial Wound


(alchemical painting of sun and moon)

The oncoming Full Moon brings with it an experience of remembered Pain, brought to the surface by our current external world and relationships in order to activate deep and NECESSARY healing.  The sun in Aries (the self) illuminates the Moon in Libra (the other); we see our ego and need for freedom and individuation met by our most innate and primal desire for connection and love.  We are faced with core wounds, those that can be traced back to our first and most poignant experiences of closeness, followed by subsequent rejection, detachment or disconnection.

There is acknowledgement of pain that must take place in order to move forward.  A new understanding of our previous relational experiences, which we have been ruminating on for the past 7 weeks.  Past lovers have re-surfaced in either physicality or psychological echoes enough to shake us to the bone.  What is the common thread between our past experiences of connection and the relationships we are holding now?  Is there a greater cycle ending?

Yes.  If we allow it to go.

The process of examining our suffering is what is required to move forward into the final days of Venus’ retrograde cycle, concluding on April 15.  This is how we will reap the highest benefit of her transit.


(Botticelli’s depiction of Chiron the wounded healer – rejected by his parents at Birth, later in life the recipient of an unhealable wound)

Akin to giving birth, this work is not comfortable, but we are given the opportunity to move deeper into relationship with self and see this reflected outward through the closest others in our life.  We see how our internal experience creates our external world VERY clearly now.  If there is disharmony, the healing potential is there.

The Full Moon and Venus will carry these themes forward for the bulk of the month of April.   As far as the exact lunation Monday (11:08 PM PST) and the following three days, I would advise to dispel any and all personal drama possible, and instead focus on your internal experience of RELEASE via meditation.  Observe your defense mechanisms if triggered, notice what is serving a purpose…

and determine what has run it’s course.

Always more work to be done,

Blessings Moonchildren







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