The Resurrection


This poem was written as an ode to the work of the Venus retrograde transit that came to an end on April 15- the title is in reference to the ascent of Venus, however apt timing with the Easter holiday.  In typical fashion, this transit brought back people from my past, unfinished and loose energetic cords, and “unearthed” some old half-healed wounds.  Hard but necessary, this has asked me to confront those things that hold me back from giving and receiving the love that I need, some of which I believe I have carried with me from the history of my family, quite literally embedded in my DNA.  This is what I reference in the poem- we all have ghosts or behaviors that we carry over from trauma that’s occurred in our lives or within our ancestry- in the yogic tradition called Samskaras, karmic patterns brought to the surface to be released- and it is upto us to create change and break the cycle. Science has recently backed this theory as well:





(image: Alex Grey, Kiss of the Muse)


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