Power Scopes



(Venus and crescent moon depicted – Venus is known as both the morning and the evening star- she is brightest right before the dawn)

Themes of this week:  Slow but significant shifts in relationships and finances as Venus begins to move forward at square to Saturn, unloading psychological baggage on the way while she sits in conjunction with Chiron- the excavation of wounds continues.  Our beliefs are being changed, our relationship to spirit is strengthened.  Mercury retrograde allows us to retrieve something in the realms of communication that we may have lost recently, Mars into Gemini sees our energy being channeled in multiple directions, choices made are harder to come by, a need for variety is more supported.

Noteable transits –

Venus-Chiron conjunction in Pisces at Square to Saturn in Sagittarius (within close orb all month)

Sun into Taurus on Wednesday

Pluto retrograde Thursday

Mercury back to Aries on Friday

Mars into Gemini on Saturday

Aries & Aries Rising

Something from the past is being healed in order to call forward a new way of believing; believing in yourself, knowing your true value within multiple different realms of operation- business and personal.  Venus will soon move back into your sign and bring many blessings, but first there is this open wound to tend to.  You must mend.  If there has been a stall financially due to the Mercury retrograde, the sun into Taurus will benefit you on Thursday as we begin a new solar cycle.  An emphasis on communications and short trips begins this weekend, reaching out to your community contacts brings positive developments and will keep you very busy.  Pluto begins his retrograde cycle asking you revaluate your soul purpose, and your approach to your work.  If you work is not congruent with your heart, you will feel it breaking.  Heed this and begin to go deeper.  You are meant to be seen and loved by the world in your wholeness.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

The sun into your sign is always a renewal, but very welcome now.  The unrelenting psychological dig of Venus awakening from retrograde on Chiron has shaken you to the core in one way or another, now the sun acts a beacon forward.  You must know your value in this world, and you must bring a renewed confidence into your relationships.  You lean closely on those friends who truly understand you now.  Doing what you do best- digging in your heels, focusing on your healing work while allowing time for self-care, rest, and proper nutrition is what feels right.  This is a time to methodically approach both intimacy and finances over the coming week.  Be meticulous, be discretionary.  Sex and money are always energetically linked, both are connected to survival.  Mars into Gemini acts as a push in the realm of income, most likely necessary after the Venus transit.  Pluto brings a stirring around travel and future goals.  Re-focus, realign with your belief system, re-dedicate yourself to your path and connection to the divine.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Significant healing is taking place in regards to your work, and the way you are perceived by the world around you.  Your vision is slowly gaining traction and clarity.  Your are in deepest relationship to your healing work in the world now, in whatever manifesting form this may take.  However, a new commitment to forging close and meaningful bonds is also deepening at the end of this month as Saturn recently has begun his final retrograde tour through your opposing sign.  Your approach to relationships is shifting in it’s maturity, becoming slower and more pragmatic.  Time the great healer has taught you that the most significant relationships are those built on a solid foundation of trust, similar belief systems and future aims.  Mars into your sign brings with it a sense of urgency which may contradict your ruler Mercury’s retrograde position now- be patient and watch useful information reveal itself through your broadening social circles and gatherings.  The moon’s shift to Aquarius mid-week will feel refreshing, giving you an opportunity to find a sense of clarity you’ve been seeking.  It’s all coming together.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Relationships are shifting, as Pluto rumbles this weekend.  Don’t fear- Pluto only looks to strip away what is not functioning to serve your highest good.  If you are in relationship that is in alignment with who you are, this will only deepen.  The work of this planet is to bring us into truth.  Your personal philosophy and beliefs are strengthened now by your devotion to self-care rituals; more than ever you are aware of what habitual patterns must be dropped in order to meet your goals and see your life begin to match that vision for the future you hold in your highest mind.  You know what is working, you know what is not.  Your psychology and shadow are invigorated by Mars into the sign before you- much analysis of the past is taking place underneath the surface of all of your interactions from this week forward.  It is useful.  Mercury’s movement into Aries brings business opportunities to the forefront- but be discretionary in your decision-making.  Time is money, money is energy, and energy holds more value than anything.

Leo & Leo Rising

The moon into your opposite sign mid-week brings an emphasis on client relations and personal exchanges.  Venus is healing your relationship to sex and money alike – both hold great power, both can be misused, both can be healing.  Debt is a funny thing – it manifests in many forms, and if the Venus retrograde has taught you anything, it is that you must be cautious in how you allocate your powerful resources now.  Your desire to travel is brought forth, but do make sure this isn’t born from only a desire to escape.  You can seek a higher perspective with simply a shift in the way you think- use the objectivity and genius of the Aquarius moon Thursday/Friday to explore new desires surfacing.  The sun in Taurus asks you the true value of the work you are doing; does it feed your soul, how are you in service to the world?  Pluto speaks to a need for purification of your physical body.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

The work is mighty now.  Your closest bonds are strengthened by your ability to be vulnerable about what has hurt you most in the past and up to this point.  This is deeply connected to your ancestry, family and the very core of who you are and where you came from.  Your need for a supportive and stable foundation increases- it is precedent that your core beliefs, soul mission and vision are reflected in your relationships.  In order to maintain or bring forth your work- and with a life is so much about your healing work- you must feel the support of a tribe that truly understands you.  How can you cultivate this more?  As Mars begins his tour of the highest point of your chart, you will be carefully and dutifully noticing how your energy needs to become more focused in your career.  This will happen organically and be at the forefront of your mind.  If your energy is drained, you must take note and make the changes necessary- the world needs your healing.  Pluto calls- you must make time and space for JOY.

Libra & Libra Rising

You have been through it.  Over the past 6 weeks, your ruling planet Venus has brought you face to face with some of the things that have hurt you more than anything.  Now you begin to see how these experiences were only meant to heal you and bring you closer to the love that you deserve, the love that you are.  The work is far from over, but after some heart strings pulled this week, you will begin to feel more in harmony in your relationships, for the first time in awhile.  However, Pluto cuts to the root and if where you are living is no longer a supportive environment, you will feel this after the weekend.  A relocation or move may be needed energetically to create a new platform for growth.  There will be a resurgence of contacts from your past in coming weeks.  Some of these will be useful, some of these will be reminders and testaments to your newly elevated position.  The past has it’s uses but the future is what is calling you.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The sun blesses you with it’s rays and brings forth a deepening of close bonds.  But first- how are you using your voice?  The throat chakra is where the heart and head meet.  Are you able to communicate the depth of your emotions to others?  Are you letting them know how you feel?  This will be important now and in coming weeks, albeit there may be some confusion or near-miss collisions.  It is important to make yourself heard. Lord Pluto, your ruler, makes this an absolute.  Defunct methods of operation in the ways you speak your mind, or don’t, must be addressed.  Not always the favorite work of your sign, but the rewards are rich.  Words are Magic manifest, and they create the world around you.  Your abysmal emotional capacity seeks an outlet.  Venus seeks expression through you- how can you satisfy your need for play amidst all of this work your are doing?  It’s a dance, and there’s something being mended in your heart; your craving for beauty and passion is arising and it must be satisfied.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Mars isn’t strongest in your opposite sign, but you will feel his move into Gemini and see this as a deepening emphasis on your closest relationships over the next two months.  An ability to hold multiple things at once- business and personal- is part of your DNA.  Your vast and expansive acceptance of multiple philosophies, artistic ventures, and passions is a strength, however, often choice and the completion of projects or the deepening of commitments evades you.  Use the sun’s shift into Taurus to take care of your own needs, your body and your work; use the earth energy coming in to GROUND.  You will feel the reckoning of Pluto stalling in the sky this weekend- asking you what truly holds value in your life.  Anything that is not in alignment with your future and the essence of who you are may begin to come apart at the seams.  Venus is just gaining traction- you will soon begin to cultivate new avenues for joyful expression and connection.  You feel it already.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Pluto in your sign,  Lord of the underworld, stirs this weekend.  Your shadow awakens and comes forth to be illuminated.  You are no stranger to this feeling- the earth beneath you shaking.  There is no denying it.  Go deep into your heart.  The sun in Taurus wants you to create, express, love and be loved.  This is not optional.  Children are great masters at prioritizing happiness, may you go to them now as true exemplary forces and watch them radiate the energy and medicine that your soul is calling out for.  Venus has been digging through the caverns of your heart for the past 6 weeks, unearthing and facing you with your greatest desires and fears in the realm of relationship, all of your tribal affiliations- those that you call FAMILY.  Let her healing work begin to manifest externally now, put into currency with the weighty gold of your recent heart healing. You see your lessons put to practice.  Mars will soon ask you with his coming transit of Gemini to make important decisions about the way you give your sweet and precious physical energy to the world and the way you share your life’s work.  Your body is a sacred vessel for spirit, and your work is an expression of this.  Take care, and don’t hold back.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Answer the door.  What you have been hiding from is knocking, and there is nothing to fear.  Your mind is strong enough to tackle what you think you can’t.  Don’t trick yourself into thinking otherwise.  You were born with a brilliance and strength that is superhuman.  The moon into your sign mid-week will be a reminder of this, I hope.  Your community needs you, but first you must figure out what you truly want to give them; you have so many gifts to choose from.  Venus beckons you to share with people who can receive you and see you for who you really are; The only friendships that appeal to you now are those that allow you to grow and do not stifle your radiance.  The sun shines on your home and brings attention to your family, this is of the utmost importance.  Mars brings forth your desire to create with divine timing, however- decision, completion and commitment may be harder than usual in coming months.  Give yourself permission to work on multiple projects.  Take your time.  Mercury will be giving gifts from past connections.  Receive them.  All is coming.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Your heart holds so much.  It’s oceanic and infinitely generous.  In order to access all of the joy you deserve, and the love that you are at your truest essence, you must shed light once again to the things that have hurt you, and seek to find true forgiveness.  A lofty task, I know.  You have been no stranger to pain, but now you’ve come to understand that magic that arises when you face it instead of running away.  As you tend to this last and serious heart healing, you will soon see abundance face to face in a way which you have recently only caught glimpses.  Be patient, as this Mercury transit will bring you ideas left forgotten, soon to be revealed to have new use.  Your belief in yourself is what will make or break you.  The universe wants to see you shine and find your success, but only with the help of those who can truly understand you. Those compassionate alliances that share your innate desire to heal others in whatever way is your inclination.  Your community is shining bright, and choices around your home will need to be made soon.  Don’t rush, the journey is unfolding.







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