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Themes of the week:

Dynamic communication as the week begins on Monday/Tuesday, a conversation is reignited that was begun in the last days of March.  This is part of a three tiered process- due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle- this will see it’s conclusion on May 13.  Relationship dynamics are shifting as we move away from the uncomfortable but enlightening conjunction of Venus and Chiron in Pisces that has been present since her awakening from retrograde on April 15.  The dust begins to settle.  Combined with the stark assessment of Saturn’s square, our perception of partnerships and the viability of certain income streams have changed.  The New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday morning is soft and grounded, this is an opportune time to CULTIVATE:  self-worth, new money and self-care via proper nutrition and exercise.  The focus of the weekend is MORE communication, with a few surprise twists & turns in store.  Buckle up.  Venus crosses the mystical 0 degree point of the zodiac into Aries that she traversed at the beginning of April – we move into a new paradigm of freshly enlightened LOVING.

Noteable Transits:

Monday/Tuesday Mercury Trine Saturn

Wednesday AM New Moon in Taurus at 6 degrees

Friday/Saturday Mercury Uranus conjunction

Saturday/Sunday Venus back into Aries


Aries & Aries Rising

You’re ready to make some serious headway, but not without a few very important conversations and realizations to be had this week.  With the future in forefront of your mind, you look to forge and strengthen connections that are rooted in truth and mutual direction.  Watch your words- they are capable of swiftly creating your reality and this can either work to your advantage or leave you filled with regret.  Be mindful that not everyone may be as eager as you, and this is a process that is unfolding.  Solid bridges take time to build.  The New Moon in Taurus enlivens your ability to MANIFEST and sees you able to call in the resources you need, as you are now better equipped to understand what they are.  The weekend will be lively to say the least, and the month of May is set to be groundbreaking in terms of your closest partnerships.  Use the mid-week’s Taurean energy to sink into your work with renewed confidence, find stability and balance so you have a solid foundation to take flight after the weekend.  You will soar.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Only you know what you need now, and only you know how to get it.  As a Taurus you are naturally gifted with strong physical intuition and heightened sensory wisdom of all kinds- this is a time to call upon your natural gifts and FEEL the way forward.  Let your instincts guide you.  The once a year conjunction of the sun and moon in your sign brings you a deeper understanding of your emotional requirements versus the limitations of your ego.  You find a new and previously inaccessible level of self-confidence that will serve to bring you deeper into relationship with what you truly want to manifest over the coming lunar cycle and into the next 6 months.  As your ruling planet Venus shifts away from the scrutiny and excavation of Saturn & Chiron, you bring a new awareness to all of your endeavors, both romantically and in business.  Many lessons learned as of late, yes?  A piece of information is revealed this weekend, a contact from the past unexpectedly surfaces, or some important light is shed on a conversation that was had in late March.  Respond versus react.  Be ready.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Pause and take 5 deep breaths.  Mars has only begun his tour through your sign, so you are feeling an increased desire to move forward in multiple arenas- however, you must wait.  Your ruler is retrograde, yes.  Important information received at the beginning of this week is eye-opening and has some bearing on the future direction of partnerships.  Effort put forth sees positive return.  Mars will conclude his visit of Gemini in early June and bring major developments to solidify close bonds when he opposes Saturn in late May- this is all an unfolding, meant to help you understand how you create the world and relationships around you.  The separation of Venus from Chiron leaves you with a new awareness around your work and tribe; the realizations that surfaced recently are not meant to be forgotten, but instead acknowledged, understood and carried with you to inform the choices you will make in the future in regards to your work.  You have a better idea of what it is you want to share with the world at this point.  The New Moon awakens something hidden mid-week:  an understanding of any psychological barriers between you and the path ahead are easily identified and surpassed.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

You are shining bright- and no one around you is missing a moment of this.  You are SEEN now, whether you are ready or not.  There are several definitive and important conversations that occur at both the beginning of the week and the weekend that will light the way forward.  Allow information to come, while putting forth some tangible effort especially in regards to your work and health. The New Moon on Wednesday, in a sign that is familiar and comfortable to you (Taurus), lends you grounding support from those that you consider dear friends. As a Cancer, your tribal affiliations sustain and give you life. With this feeling of being held by your greater networks, you can move into the excitement of the weekend with full vigor.   You are not taking anything occurring at this time lightly, and you have recently come to a better understanding of those things that are keeping you at arms length from what you truly want in both financial and relational realms.  These barriers are slowly falling away as part of an organic deterioration process, as you shed layers of residual bullshit from days passed.  Staying the same is a non-option, and this about you growing into your FULLEST creative embodiment.  The world awaits and needs you.  Go.

Leo & Leo Rising

A deep rooting into your work is the medicine most pleasing for you at the time of the New Moon on Wednesday.  Let your work heal you, and bring in the deserved recognition of those around you.  Although your gifts no doubt speak for themselves, any recent attempts to hide or detach from the way the world perceives you are no longer serving your best interest.  In contrast, neither is an excessive hunger for recognition.  It’s time to step up to the plate knowing you are ready and able to share your beauty with more people than ever before.  However, this doesn’t come without a necessary internal acknowledgement of how incredible you are.  How can you show up in full force if you are questioning your abilities, compromising your worth, and selling yourself short?  Stop.  Now.  Your relationship to sex and money has been changed over the retrograde of Venus and you are coming back into gratitude for those financial and romantic connections that have stood the test of time.  Trust what is still standing and communicate your appreciation actively, you will see it come back to you almost immediately.  Embrace it.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

There is a sense of quiet yearning present in your chart at the time of the New Moon on Wednesday.  This longing and tug at your heart is not unproductive by any means- in actuality it brings you straight to the root of your desire; a desire to move FORWARD, to explore new terrain, to mend your connection to the DIVINE essence within you that is now stronger than ever.  A renewal of faith is needed after the throbbing sensation of Venus-Chiron-Saturn recently shaking you to the core begins to fade.  You are a changed being and nothing feels familiar.  Let that discomfort with not knowing the future begin to hold you instead of being the source of your fear, as you understand the future is pregnant with opportunity.  Allow the unknown to bring you a new and great hope instead of the doubt that you so constantly face as a by-product of your strong mind.  You are beginning to feel noticeably lighter each day as you gently allow those things which are leaving or have left your life to go, whether by choice or not.  Issues around power and money are revisited again this week, and you are asked to show up and use your voice.  This may be connected to a conversation that began at the end of March.  Don’t waiver. Stand your ground, and look to mid-May to see some resolution or conclusive information.

Libra & Libra Rising

Smile.  Close your eyes and breathe it in; Some of your darkest days are behind you now. What goes down will always see it’s incline again- and your tour through the underworld, complete with heart-wrenching trials in your closest relationships, has served you more than you know.  Your power has increased ten-fold.  You are worthy of love and connection beyond what you have known before, and you are just at the precipice of allowing yourself to receive more than ever.  There’s no going back, that’s for sure- although, thats not to say there isn’t a richness in the past and all it has opened your eyes to.  From here on, the only catch is- you must be brave enough to ask for what you want in order to get it.  You have to put forth some energy to see all the blessings available to you this week.  The New Moon brings you intimacy in whatever form it may take- and this deeper level of gratification would not have been possible if you hadn’t undergone an intense clearing over the past 2 months.  Trust and be vulnerable enough to accept what is flowing freely to you.  Soak it up.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

How is your love for yourself being reflected back at you via the mirror of your closest relationships? This is where the work is.  You can clearly see, if you look close enough at what or who is staring back at you, exactly what stands in your way.  May you begin to mend the chasm between you and the love you crave.   Whatever hurts or blocks you the most is the very source and path to what will heal you.  It is always this way.  Go to the very qualities in others that cause you to twinge or writhe with discomfort and frustration.  Instead of pushing them away or immediately placing your emotional response into the hands of the other, this time you must sit with it.  This is as much about you as it is about them.  I imagine, once you sit with the discomfort you will begin to comprehend where it comes from.  If in anyway this is connected to an embedded belief that you are undeserving of love, let this be overcome by a new sense of worthiness.  Let yourself be filled with the warm rays of illumination and find a new path forward. Mercury’s aspects this week, especially at the weekend, act as a reveal of some sort around your work and health.  Listen to what comes to you.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

There’s something brewing inside you and at the deepest core of your being.  First, It’s time to tune into the wisdom of your body.  You have so much going on and often keep yourself so distracted, that you forget to listen.  Balance is a practice and the body requires consistent devotion.  Luckily, each time you fall out of alignment- you are always invited to come back, as the body is resilient.  This plugging back in to earth medicine will guide you forward.  Use the grounding influence of the Taurus New Moon to connect you to your physical presence.  Remember whatever you ingest becomes you, while it either works to sustain you or leaves you feeling drained.  Choose wisely.  As you heal your relationship to your own physicality with nourishment and movement, there is also the other matter of tending to your heart.  At the beginning of the week, you are called to connect your heart and your head with your words.  There is an opportunity if you seize it.  At the end of the week, another conversation happens whether you are ready or not, but this isn’t a bad thing.  It’s already on it’s way.  Joy is incoming, and as usual for you- that part will be easy.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Something is slowly rising to the surface.  Patience, tolerance and an ability to use your words with precision are manifesting.  You’re learning.  You are able to name what you need, but remember- it’s all about delivery, especially with those who are closest to you.  Divine timing is always a factor.  Truth is best served with a warm heart and soft hand.  While this week looks to be an optimal time to ask for what you want, either in prayer or in practice within a relationship- its meant to be handled with a very necessary amount of delicacy.  Your consciousness expands as your patron Saturn forces you to examine the very thoughts and emotions that you want push away, the demons in the closet and the habits you hang on to- and face them with a new maturity.   Your most hidden parts are prodded. The connection between the Sun/Moon mid-week with the New Moon in Taurus is your plug back to source and divinity.  Use it.  Let passion be your Nourishment and feed you.  This can only be accessed if you own your power and bring it forth.  Summon it NOW.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Home has so many meanings.  At it’s most superficial, it is the walls that contain us and keep us sheltered from the world around.  At it’s deepest, it is the root from which all other aspects of our life grow.  There is a re-birth in the realm of your home that is awakening.  Soft and welcome, after all the of the bumps in the night that you have endured, this New Moon brings with it quiet blessings and the potential for a renewed sense of Peace.  You deserve it, you have no doubt earned it and you NEED it.  However, you must know these truths not only in theory or in the realm of the the mind which you navigate so easily and skillfully.  You have to bring the knowledge that you deserve these blessings deep into your body, one layer at a time as you accept them, so they can stay with you when you are once again tested by the inevitable trials and tribulations that life brings.  It serves you to make your life into a temporary moving prayer at this time (maybe always?); let your actions and physical movements be in devotion to YOU.  For a being as head strong as you, I trust that this will not be as easy as it sounds.  It’s time to unlearn a few things, and in their place plant new intentional and positive seeds.  Start digging now.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

In some ways, the way ahead appears clear to you.  Only some.  The karmic dredge work you have done within the realm of your partnerships, both business and personal, over the past 18 months is closing- most of it already at it’s end.  You have learned so much about yourself through the mirror of those you keep closest to you; painful and joyful lessons alike. Trust and loyalty tested.  This week sees you looking back without longing but instead looking back to honor the cathartic work that you have done- the abyss you have found your way out of, the mountain you have climbed, the ways in which you have grown.  After this, you are free to move forward with the hope and optimism that has for so long evaded you, despite your most sincere efforts to see it return.  The benevolent kindness of this week’s New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday comes with only one double edge: in order to access it’s wisdom and healing you have to believe that it is possible you truly deserve all the things you are holding now.  You have to know it and feel it radiating outward from deep within.  I truly believe, if one person is capable of this…

it’s YOU.



AS ABOVE, SO BELOW1969182_10152371026209416_2013344122_n

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