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Image grabbed from IG: @thehoodwitch, a pleasing affirmation for Taurus season

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Themes of the week:

There is some needed reprieve and assimilation time to process the relentless relationship lessons of the Venus retrograde.  Still in shadow until May 19, these are not over.   However, we are given some quiet to let it all absorb- informed action comes after next week.  The emphasis on communications continues, along with the healing of wounds.  Mercury emerges from his retrograde on Wednesday, still in conjunction to Uranus- unexpected messages and appearances are still highly likely.  These two planets together (Mercury/Uranus) bring that Magician-trickster energy which can see the turn-around of many situations- and of course at Mercury’s forward station Wednesday we see this magnified, as well as the annoyances that are associated with Mercury Rx pertaining to machinery, messaging and transportation.  Yes, delays and crossed wires.  The Saturn-Chiron square that begins to separate at the beginning of the week will be revisited in November, we have been asked to take responsibility for how any outdated or misinformed beliefs have resulted in unnecessary suffering.  This will come to the surface again at the end of Saturn’s tour through Sagittarius.

Noteable Transits:

Sunday/Monday Saturn-Chiron square, separating

Wednesday Mercury out of Retrograde, in close conjunction with Uranus

Wednesday Sun-Neptune sextile


Aries & Aries Rising

It was an interesting weekend, to say the least, yes?  The re-entry of Venus into Aries last Friday brought with it a return and surge of creative SHAKTI force that is radiating from deep within you.  The spring has been full of reminders of what you will and will not tolerate in relationships, with the Taurus New Moon last week highlighting what you now understand on a deeper level you truly deserve.  You are officially operating from a fresh base of self-worth.  Own it, put it into practice immediately.  Mercury’s forward motion on Wednesday maintains its connection to the planet of surprise and reversals-  the influx of old contacts reaching out, ideas once shelved resurfacing, and inspiration continues.  Stay open.  There is also a new understanding of how some long held ideas about the past, as well as habitual physical/psychological patterns, are no longer supporting your ultimate well-being and inhabiting your ability to heal others in the way which you are meant to.  Take stock and begin to eliminate that which prevents you from your highest expression of being.  Heed your intuition about these things and begin to implement the changes necessary to support the return of your energy.  You’ve got work to do.  Wednesday you have an opportunity to seize right in front of you-  take it.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

There is some kind of awakening and enlightening around the past, as Mercury wakes up and continues to bring this forth, although I know you may be tired of the recount by now.  There is an unexpected element at play.  Does the heart healing ever stop?  No.  Not this month.  As your ruler Venus crossed over the beginning of the zodiac last Friday, with her return to Aries you begin to see things once hidden coming closer to the surface to be acknowledged, transformed and in some cases, released completely.  Closed doors open, even if only for a moment, to bring much needed enlightenment around relationship patterns.  Set your stance for RECEIVING.  Throughout the month, Venus will touch nearly all the planets in the sky- you will not be without interesting developments.  Slow down.  The New Moon last week asked all signs to realign with their worth- but especially you.  Let the new information received sink in and stay moving forward.  Take this week to refocus on work and use the return of old contacts via the Mercury/Uranus conjunction along with the movement of Mars through Gemini to help you begin to creatively bring in more income after a significant slow down.  Wednesday gives an opening to connect with a dream once lost if you choose, or may you find inspiration in an actual dream.  Use it.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

It’s time to realign with your faith in yourself, faith in your dreams, faith in your ability to achieve what you desire in order to share your truth and voice with the world that needs you.  The way you choose to spend your time will dictate your success, as Saturn calls you to buckle down.  You have the tenacity of Mars driving through your sign, set to connect beautifully with the support of Jupiter mid-month (at the 12th), and powerfully in line with Saturn toward the end of this month (29th).  There is momentum building from here on.  The past week no doubt unearthed some fear and a sense of heaviness around the future- especially in terms of your career.  However, as the week begins, you will feel the weight of the Saturn-Chiron square lessening, which no doubt is what manifested as the above mentioned daunting sense of self-scrutiny in terms of your work, appearing at odds with your closest relationships and a desire to connect.  One step at a time.  On Wednesday this week there is a benevolent aspect that may deliver you a much needed dose of inspiration, whether it be from a past contact or from a message from spirit, or delivered by way of a dream.  Your ruler awakens this day as well, immediately conjuring magic.  The funny part is- this isn’t outside of you at all, but an intrinsic part of you.  Remember.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

As mentioned last week, this is a time you are highly visible to the world around you.  The re-entry of Venus to Aries means that relationships and work projects are beginning to gain headway, but not without cooperation and continued effort.  The sense of not being satisfied, or not doing a satisfactory job, that was with you at the close of last week begins to fade as you are re-inspired to show the world what you are really capable of.  You are indeed a force to be reckoned with when you feel that you are operating from a stable base of love and support from the closest others in your life.  That’s a whole other project.  Feel the love of those around you and know you deserve it.  The connection of Sun-Neptune on Wednesday, in combination with Mercury’s move forward, may bring an opportunity to the surface from a contact at a far distance.  Keep this in mind, but take a moment to check the details, weigh the consequences and make sure this is as it seems.  Another manifestation of this is an inspirational meeting with a spirit-filled soul connection.  Soak it in.  Look to the Sun/Pluto alignment occurring with the full moon next week (10th) to see the solidification or flashpoint around close partnerships.  Don’t push now.

Leo & Leo Rising

Your passion is a gift to the world around you, but as of late you may have felt this a bit stifled as you have been examining some darker aspects of your intimate and private life.  Your deepest bonds, as well as your financial resources, have been squeezed by Saturn- calling you to become aware of the amount of work it will take to to get you where you’d like to be long term.  Saturn is asking you to be more responsible with the ways in which you use your creativity, sexuality, and money- as it is necessary to treat these areas with care now.  This is in your best interest.  Your maturity and precision will be brought forth in a way that sees your work begin to elevate incredibly if you channel your energy wisely.  You will see tangible rewards around next week’s Full Moon.  There is power in focus and commitment, as you already know.  The surge of activity in Aries indicates travel at a long distance, or the dreaming up of a trip or educational opportunity that will soon be significant for you.  Wednesday this week is dynamic and may see resources flowing in your direction.  Use them wisely.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

The past 18 months have seen major changes in the course of your destiny, and this week you feel the sensation of being on the edge of a new era entirely.  You are on the precipice.  Heart forward at end of the cliff, facing the end of the path just before an unexplored clearing- this week is a time of reflection on the gnarly karmic debts you have been paying in one way or another via ALL of your one to one relationships, business or personal.  The South Node is leaving your opposite sign, blessed be.  May you be liberated from your duty and tie to those who ask you to give but do not reciprocate or show appreciation and love for your efforts.  Soon, your focus will shift significantly to becoming more creative, inventive and focused around your healing work- but in order to step into new paradigm you must acknowledge and begin to release lovingly those things that are significantly draining your vitality.  Watch what rises to the surface.  Venus back into Aries, along with the conjunction and forward motion of Uranus/Mercury sees some uprising in terms of your power both sexually and financially, with an element of the unexpected involved.  Use the energy of Mars through the top of your chart to find forward momentum in all career related projects.  My promise to you:  you have cosmic support as the month progresses.  Let this promise be a beacon of hope.

Libra & Libra Rising


This time is significant for your closest relationships to say the LEAST.  You already know that, though, I’m sure of it.  Last week’s New Moon saw the return of your connection to your power- especially that power within the realm of your most intimate bonds.   You know you deserve to be satisfied in a way which you never have been before.  Venus’ shift into Aries this past weekend was tangible for you, as your ruler finally begins the last two weeks of forwardly traversing the degrees which she touched throughout her gnarly but eye-opening review and retrograde cycle since March.  The forward movement feels positive and welcome.  Enough with the constant dredging of the past, yes?  Can’t you just enjoy the abundant love of the future? Almost there.  Watch your incoming messages around mid-week, or take heed to any sudden information that is revealed in regards to a close connection.  While there may be an element of shock or surprise, your reaction determines the outcome and should be based on all the lessons you have learned, the healing you have done in terms of your heart- and from THAT place you can respond.  As we look to later and mid-month, there will be many new developments, totally unforeseen at the moment.  Take care to set yourself up for all the of the blessings ahead.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The Sun illuminates your relationships, both business and personal.  Last week’s new moon brought you an education and reminder, welcome or not, about what you truly want and deserve in terms of partnership.  Now is the time in which you put in the work to get after it.  As will be discussed next week, but worth mentioning now, the influence of your ruler Pluto and the Taurus Sun in combination with your  own Scorpion Full Moon on the 10th will provide strong support to the building of supportive partnership.  Faulty connections or those out of alignment with truth, in contrast, will fall away easily at that time.  Let that happen. On a personal level, things are progressing, although not quickly as you may like.  In terms of your work, that will be a different story.  There are developments and groundbreaking shifts on the way as these words are written.  Mercury awakens in Aries Wednesday with the planet most associated and known for swift change.  Venus’ entry into this same area after her retrograde sees the next two weeks concluding some ongoing work project you have been involved with.  You have so much ahead of you to look forward to, so long as you embrace the transformation, as opposed to continuing to hold on too tightly to the past.  Easier said than done, but by the end of this lifetime, it will be your specialty.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Exhale, catch your breath and get a handle on the logistics that need to be taken care of in order to get you to the incredible personal shifts that are incoming later this month by way of your partnerships.  Pour yourself into your work if you must- and stay focused on this for now.  Let personal information reveal itself to you, in opposition to the seeking out or stirring of any current still waters.  All is coming.  There is so much that has been bubbling underneath the surface for the past two months that will arise and be seen as a total rebirthing of your creative potential, your passion, your HEART and your ability to be loved in a way that you crave at a soul level.  This is a process that nothing can stop at this point in the game.  As the transiting North Node associated with your destiny shifts from Virgo to Leo soon, your determination within the realm of your healing work and career path doesn’t shift entirely, but in contrast begins to BROADEN as you seek to expand the ways and avenues which it expresses itself.  You are going into a new era of reaching audiences that have been inaccessible until now.  Feel yourself ready to go beyond the limits of what you thought possible with your work.  Life has a way of rewarding those who stay true to themselves.  You already know that.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Looking at your chart, much of your work is happening on an extremely internal level- so much that close others in your world may have no idea how much is really changing for you under the surface of what you present to everyone else around you.  You have been in a clearing house process, getting rid of the deep and inherited ancestral patterns that have held you back for so long; the same holding patterns that have made you feel as if you will never have a solid place to call home, the support of a family- immediate or extended, the love of a partner that can lift you up and be a rock for you at the same time.  Time to cut the shit.  You know after last week’s New Moon that you deserve the spark of passion that you thought was evading you for a period of time, but the work at a much deeper level is nowhere near over.  There will be some curves in the road ahead that will throw you off balance, but only to bring you deeper into alignment with very core of who you are.  Mid-week is both exciting and destabilizing.  Use the energy of Mars in your sixth house to ground into your body and rituals that make you feel most comfortable even when the earth underneath you rumbles.  You know the drill by now.  Next week starts with brilliance, know that NOW.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Finally, you feel the embrace of your surroundings after a period of feeling isolated.  Spring is always welcome, but especially now after a strange season of disconnection, mixed with intermittent and uncomfortable walks down memory lane, or attempts to heal the past that left you feeling broken or unsuccessful.  Satisfaction at a deeper level is bubbling up from underneath now.  This is coming from within, not from outside.  Like your neighbor Capricorn above, your roots have been shaken quite a bit from late winter into spring.  Your perspective on what you deserve to receive from others has been undergoing a massive shift, and I imagine the past two weeks you have had to deal with some situations that have been highly uncomfortable but necessary, as they touched on an ache in your heart that, in some ways, has been with you for as long as you remember.  You can’t change the past but you do have significant control and effect on the future by using your incredible mind to know which direction to channel your healing now- and how to set shape your home, community, and work to meet your deepest needs.  By next week, the North Node will shift into your opposite sign- this ushers in an 18 month process of discovering partnership in a way you never have before.  It’s already happening.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

You have just over one week before the North Node associated with Destiny shifts from your opposite sign- and with this, the past 18 month period of relational and personal emphasis moves in another direction, as eluded to last week.  This coupled with the recent aspects to Chiron in your sign, there no doubt has been healing taking place within all partnerships as of late.  The direction you are heading in over the upcoming 18 months is that of evaluating how you will begin to deliver your gifts to the world in a way that is in alignment with your soul’s deepest work.  Only you know what this is and what this means.  As a Pisces, your creativity, compassion and ability to feel the suffering of others are some of your most beautiful strengths- but also your Achilles heel that can often see you lost in the creative process, caring for everyone and everything but yourself.  How can you use your gifts, serve humanity, and keep yourself from sacrificing your health and heart in the process?   This change of focus occurs in sync and around the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio next week on the 10th, which sees some illumination around your connection to those at a distance, and those you have intimate dealings with either personally or financially. This week, past contacts come out of the woodwork for all signs of the zodiac, and in your case- this may have a financial undertone.  Work it.






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