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The River Styx (Magic Komplex) – the crossing over to the underworld

Themes of the Week:

The Full Moon in Scorpio brings with it illumination in multiple arenas; looking at the aspects occurring simultaneous to the Full Moon, as we always must – there continues to be an unearthing of previously hidden emotions, welcome or not, brought forth by sudden or surprise communications and appearances.  There is also some stability accessible as we look into the future- with the emphasis becoming less and less each day on the past.  While the effect of the Full Moon manifests in different ways for different signs of the zodiac, as detailed in each horoscope below, there are themes that carry over to all.  One being the necessary assessment of the shadow aspect of our psyche, which contains emotions and desires we often resist; those that create discomfort either within ourselves or in the status quo of the world around us.  My experience of Scorpio energy is gritty- anger, sadness, and jealousy are not emotional states often encouraged or indulged.  However, the experience of sitting in presence with these can bring on great catharsis, essential for growth.  Scorpio is associated with Death AND Rebirth.  What we resist, persists.  What we acknowledge, is given permission to exit.  The growing trine between Saturn-Uranus is the spirit filled inspiration and forward focus that is present over the next two weeks.  After this full moon PURGE, We begin to access HOPE after a spring filled to the brim with recollection, revisits from the past, heart strings pulled.  The future begins to look brighter from Wednesday on.  The shift of the North Node to Leo is part of this as well- we all are stepping into a new 18 month period of discovering new ways to express our gifts more authentically, and in turn, to feel held, supported, SEEN by the world around.

Blessed Be.

Noteable Transits

Full Moon Scorpio 20 degrees Wednesday

North Node into Leo Wednesday

Mercury – Uranus conjunction Wednesday (Aries)

Mars – Neptune square Thursday (Gemini/Pisces)

Mars – Jupiter Trine Friday (Gemini/Libra)

Saturn – Uranus Trine (Sagittarius/Aries increasing and exact on May 19)


Aries & Aries Rising

This spring has not been sunshine and roses; not a walk in the park for you sweet Aries.  Countless and uncomfortable lessons via the reflection of your relationships, past and present.  Not easy for a sign that thrives most naturally in the freshness of all enterprises, one who lives for passion.  Are you ready to leave the past behind yet?  Yes, finally- and Say it loud.  This week’s full moon gives you the signal to move on, to SHED, to let go of any ways in which you entangle yourself with anything that reduces your connection to your inner power.  Let what is going GO.  Any relationship dynamic that has been draining you, with financial or romantic association, has seen it’s day.  If there is no outer mirror for you at this time – doubtful but possible – check in with your own psychological processes.  Self-defeating thought patterns, an offshoot of a protective or wounded ego, have also run their course.  If you want to access the incredible amount of momentum available to you from THIS MOMENT forward, you have to step into a new paradigm of self-love.  The things that have not worked out for you as of late are actually beacons guiding your way into a future that is bright beyond your understanding.  Throw them lovingly into the fire and trust the path.  The shift of the North Node to Leo sees a return of your creative pulse.  What ideas and dormant beautiful offerings do you have hiding up your sleeve for the world around you?  It’s time to share.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

You’re on the precipice, and all is coming your way.  Wednesday is your RESET and opportunity to get anything out of the way between you and the partnerships you wish to cultivate more in the coming year.  You are faced with your own demons, point blank. What holds you back from your highest expression of loving- yourself and others?  It is so easy to project on to those we love- our feelings of lack, our disappointment, our fear of failure, our fear of success.  We so often put the perceived power into the hands of those close to us.  You are not alone.  But here you are given a clearing to acknowledge what is YOURS.  You are no doubt a bit drained, shell-shocked and deep in questioning the future, as much of the zodiac is, after the recent retrograde transit of your ruler Venus.  Why would you not question, after some of your deepest relational wounds have been recently prodded? This Full Moon requires a sacrifice, an ego death necessary for your growth.  It’s time to let go of your attachment to a belief or habit that keeps you always at an arm’s length from love.  You deserve to be held.  There is threshold being crossed this week, and you are not going back.  Use the lucid insights coming in via your dreams and renowned bodily intuition to guide you.  They have never once failed you.  Listen.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

It is time to open to the inspiration that is available to you.  You are extremely supported right now, although you may not feel it yet.  Do not let any brief feelings of confusion cloud your judgement mid-week, as there is a pervasive and watery emotional energy at that time which is not always your favorite territory as such a naturally cerebral being; however, do listen at that time to the higher octaves of spiritual guidance/dreams coming in that may accessible.  From this Full Moon on Wednesday, and moving into the next 10 days especially, your path ahead will become increasingly more joyful AND stable.  Yes, both are possible; as long as you try to say goodbye to any rituals or internal dialogues you may have recently cultivated that keep you in a state of fear or anxiety.  Know that you are on the path to truth and have cosmic support at your aid.  Not to say there will be no unforeseen obstacles and surprising opportunities to navigate very soon, but I want to remind you that you thrive in this navigation.  You were born into this life with incredible capacity to hold multiple experiences while moving forward. I see you now as a vessel, sailing on a new sea of unexplored connections to spirit, using a newly reaffirmed faith as your compass.  You will not fail you, and the journey is only beginning.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Your capacity for CREATING is through the roof at the moment, and you have the Full Moon shedding light on this.  Your life is fertile and abundance is not something you are striving for, it is something that is already present with you now.  The word gratitude to comes to mind immediately.  It is easy when we are in a place of opportunity to continue to focus only on our next immediate desire- but in order to call in and be ready for what lies around the corner, you must pause and enjoy what is already with you at the time this horoscope is published.  Take stock.  First- You have the support of someone very close to you, maybe even many.  This is not always the case, so please revel in this for at least a moment.  Second- You are MORE than halfway through an intense process underway since 2008, deconstructing and reconstructing your closest bonds.  Not that the way ahead will be with out its bumps, as this continues, but as you move forward you may already feel that the earth beneath you is a bit more solid.  Last but not least- You are also being given a significant platform to share your gifts with the world around you and being acknowledged on an outer level in ways you never thought possible. Soak it in.  You are truly blessed by the Cosmos, and if you do not feel this way – I must ask you – what is your current relationship to Joy?  Is it something you seek outside of yourself, and in what ways?  There is no need.  Joy is within you, living and breathing you.  You have it all.

Leo & Leo Rising

Do you hear that, my beautiful Lionheart?  It’s the sound of your Destiny calling you.  This Full Moon requires you to offer up anything you know is standing between you and the future you know is awaiting you.  Any doubts or fears that you have grown attached to, stemming from the deepest parts of your being must be addressed.  The next two years are transformative for all, but you are the Star in this.  The actor and the stage itself.  In order to step into this process, you have to begin to drop the armor that you have created around your heart, because your life from here on out depends on it.  Maybe, in the not so recent past, this was the reverse- you needed your shielding to survive.  But not now.  Your upcoming relationships will continue to be tests, more than ever serving as outer mirrors to help you piece by piece discover who you really are, who you no longer are, and what you want.  Each new stage of growth will be revealed to you as you peel back the layers and sheaths over that vibrance at the center of your chest.  This is where your truest wisdom is contained, and if your current perception is that it may have misguided you in the past- this is part of what needs to shift this week.  You have only begun to understand the magic that is unfolding, and everything leading up to this point has been part of it.  Even the pain.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

The Scorpio Moon asks you to drop anything that keeps you from fully communicating and sharing your brilliance with the world around you, or anything that stifles your ability to learn, grow, and TEACH.  This is not the time to hold back, as the earth more than ever before needs your healing voice.  It is a time to step forward with assurance from the Cosmos that your direction is supported.  You are also given an opening to reintroduce yourself to Joy, and feel that this is an inherent need that can only be truly satisfied when your mind is cleared of doubt and receptive to the wisdom of the earth that you are deeply attuned to.  Your perceptions, observations and information are a boon to the world and will soon be given a platform for recognition.  Any apprehension you may have had about expressing yourself, or your capabilities, must be tossed into the fire as an honorable sacrifice; thrown in to be turned into a raw power that if channeled can see your life expand quickly into a new immense container for a more spirit-filled life experience.  Wednesday & Thursday are primetime for intuitive insights, both in waking life and in dreams.  The Taurus sun continues to enliven your mind, making the next two weeks an opportune time to soak in any incoming downloads that will effect your future.  The portal is open.

Libra & Libra Rising

The moment we give something value, it owns us as well as we own it.  Around the time of the Full Moon you are given an open door to walk through, leaving behind anything that you once held dear to you as a possession or object of adoration, but no longer need.  On the other side of this, the blessings rush in.  There is no way out- only through this one.  There is a death occurring for all of us in one way or another.  A deep shedding of excess layers of anger, resentment, jealousy, and sadness that have accrued since last winter- and maybe dating back even further than this.  It is an odd idea for many of us to give a proper honoring and funeral to things that have caused us pain.  It is a cultural or societal notion that we have to turn our backs on our suffering and move forward, but I believe that this is what so often leaves us to ruminate for years inside olds wounds and trauma, recreating them in new relationships and situations.  If we give ourselves proper license to grieve, tear at the walls, scream- we may find ourselves more quickly than we thought possible on the other side of the experience, facing the sunshine and a new way ahead.  You can feel the glow ahead of you, and it is time to allow yourself to release a grip on something that has been hurting you or causing you to question how incredible you are.  After any discomfort, a warm summer awaits.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

You are no stranger to death.  You know as well as I that you came into this life with one of the greatest challenges of the zodiac; you experience a deep and visceral sensation of loss on a regular basis.  You are faced with situations again and again, that call you to let go.  However, what you and I are both aware of (I hope), and what seems to be an often missed secret of the Scorpion way, is the incredible POWER that you have access to due to this ongoing process within you.  Each time you let something die, either inside or outside of you, with grace or with a fighting spirit – you are given a portal to a new level of a more authentic and loving existence.  If you choose to enter.  You are at the entrance again now and what maybe feels like a black hole containing all of your accumulated rage, jealousy, anger, envy, despair – this is your way in to new paradigm.  In order to enter the beautiful passage ahead, which will see you met by more genuine mirrors and relationships, receiving more support for your work, soon embodying all of wisdom you have accumulated over the course of your entire life and seeing recognition for it as well – you must ALLOW yourself to experience the waves of all of the emotions you have kept buried.  It is time to unlearn the idea that your anger is unnecessary, that your darkness is to always be kept hidden.  It is actually by stepping into the experience of your discomfort that you become EMPOWERED and re-birthed.  Meet yourself once again, stronger and wiser.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Sweet Sagittarius, you are on your way.   So often consumed with your vision for the future, the broad, the wide-scope reaching, far dreaming, excitement relishing, nectar-suckling- do not forget that before every dawn there is a period of great quiet, rest, darkness and necessary death that makes way for the beauty to which you have made your life a moving act of devotion.  Your impatience is palpable, but you can not spiritually bypass your way through this Full Moon, or talk your way out of an ending that must occur either inside or outside of you in order for you to move into the next portion of the lunar cycle which brings with it many changes to do with your heart.  Any outdated and embedded beliefs that reinforce the idea that you are not deserving of being nourished deeply, both on the mundane level of monetary support and spiritual level of companionship and soul understanding – these no longer valid affirmations must be obliterated, ground into the earth and turned into brick and mortar for a new foundation of TRUST in your true worth.  Anything bubbling to the surface now is not to be ignored, but to be composted and turned into new growth.  Let it come up.  Say a prayer of gratitude for each thing you leave behind.  It has delivered you that much closer to truth; which is your soul’s eternal fascination.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

If asked which sign of the Zodiac would be best equipped to lead a walk through the underworld, I would most certainly suggest you and our lovely Scorpio as the torch holders- lighting the way for the rest of us, holding our hands as we descend into to the discomfort that is part of the human birthright.  You have become over the past 8+ years so well versed in the language of death, sorrow and destruction that you have learned to dance on a ground that is constantly quaking beneath you (or you better get to it).  But what about this now, you say?  My mention is that the act of allowing things to leave your life has become necessarily easier for you.  This Full Moon may not even appear as a blip on your radar, although this is doubtful as it is aspected by Pluto in your sign.  Alternatively, it may accompany on the way to the weekend an acknowledgement of what tribal affiliations have seen their time in the sun, and are now ready to be laid to bed.  Your soul’s work is calling you and not everyone is coming along for the ride.  Your way of experiencing your own vitality, passion and Joy is shifting.  But take heed before you quickly dismiss those who love you dearly and watch your words at the time of the Full Moon and days following – especially within your home, closest support networks and work.  Some bridges are worth mending, while some you will set ablaze with no tears shed.  Be loving AND fierce. It’s possible.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

What stands between you and the life you wish to create for yourself at the moment?  There are no doubt obstacles, but when these are focused on more than the immense support that is lining up for you- only more obstacles will appear.  It is time to recalibrate, set your dial back and allow yourself to embody the rage that you may have skipped over, the sadness you have pushed away, the despairing you talked yourself out of; this being in direct relation to whatever you equate to a failure in your recent past.  Let it wash over you, kick and scream, break something in symbolic gesture of clearing through all of the bullshit you have had to endure, the losses you have seen, the power struggles that have consumed that past two years of your life.  You may be dealing with residue even still, but listen to your heart when it tells you some of the darkest days are behind you.  When you finish your celebration of all the emotions you have kept hidden, Let me light a flame and warm your hand.  You are entering into an 18 month period extremely significant to your closest bonds, one unlike anything you may have experienced in your life, or not for a very long time.  In parallel trajectory, your artistic capabilities are set to expand as well.  Both are happening at this very moment, today. By this weekend, you will have a whiff of new era, a scent of summer sweet in your nose.  But you must not skip over your ritualistic purge.  You need it.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

The Full Moon in Scorpio burns brilliant for all signs of the Zodiac, and for you as well; as a fellow water sign you are no doubt touched by the moon’s intensity, power and potential.  There is a necessary death and ending that must occur now, in order for you to move toward your destiny and soul’s work.  As the last sign of the Zodiac, I often think of you as containing all of the lessons of the signs before you. At any given moment you are blessed with the opportunity to tap into the wisdom of the multi-verse, to call on your ancestors, to communicate with spirit at any time. You are permeable, intuitive and open.  This is indeed a proper time to listen to your higher guides, to pray, or to call upon reserves of inner faith and heart-knowledge.  Something you believed to be an absolute has been proved false, something that was a beacon forward is no longer part of the future.  Your vision is changing once again.  There is no knowing the emotional weight that this comes with; This may be as simple as saying goodbye to an idea you once had, a long held belief that is no longer relevant, or it may be something more tangible or difficult.  Whatever it is, it is your future and peace of mind that is on the table; you must know now that the path ahead will not be without it’s ups and downs but from here on out what it will be is TRUE.  Believe that.





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