Power Scopes


Gemini’s greatest battle is that of DECISION – it is time for each sign to make some sort of decision and commitment about the future at this time

Dealing with the death of my sweet dog Bodhi found my horoscopes delayed- that combined with the fact that I deleted nearly 9 hours of writing work early on Tuesday morning with the stroke of one key.  Lessons learned.   Here are the scopes- the dominant energy that was with us at the time of the New Moon on Thursday at 12:42 PM PST was Venus square Pluto, seeing power struggles and tension within the realm of relationships and finances.  After enduring a 3 year Venus square Pluto transit to my natal chart, I know this one well.  Paranoia is absolutely a side effect, the sensation that the rug will be pulled out from underneath you at anytime.  It is a transit that says goodbye to any relationship that is operating on a flimsy base of disingenuous intention.  This is all taken note of in your individual horoscopes.  The Mars-Saturn opposition carries us through the weekend an forces us to get REAL about what we are committing our time and energy to.  Mars in Gemini for the past two months has seen our energy splayed all over the place- it is not his strongest placement, although does make for some fun… but it’s time to get more serious about the future and what it is that brings us closer to our own spirit.  We will come face to face with what has to go.  Look forward to the conjunction of Venus-Uranus next weekend.  Fun to be had, joy to be accessed, but not without the WORK this week.

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW enjoy the scopes XO

Aries & Aries Rising

What are you NOT saying that needs to be said?  In order to receive what you truly desire, you first have to name it.  Ideally, you say it out loud in whatever venue is most suitable and can help you on your course.  The New Moon this week asks you to use your voice, as after Thursday you have the ability to speak your life into existence.  Your words have much weight at this time, so choose them wisely.  This applies to communications of all forms but especially the written and spoken word.  Words are associated with the planet Mercury, which in Tarot is represented as The Magician- this being a direct implication that communication is an integral part of the alchemy of the human journey.  You can create magic with what you choose to put forth into the world, and into your close community.  There are many allies available to you, even if at the Dark moon this past mid-week you felt there were more obstacles than anything else.  This shifts after Thursday afternoon, and an opening is created in which you can begin to ask for the help you need to move forward.  It is up to you to call out and ask for the support of your tribal network.  If there has been an ongoing issue with the way the world perceives you and the way you would like to seen- you begin now to consciously shift away from an aspect of your work that no longer suits you.  It is an optimal time to let things fall away, making sacred space available for something better. Expand.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

What we say to others determines the quality of our outer mirrors and relationships; while what we say to ourselves consistently creates our reality as a whole.  There is an inner dialogue that absolutely needs to be let go of in order to move forward now, as this is bearing heavy weight on your ability to be confident and truly believe you deserve to receive as much as your generous and loyal heart can give.  This self-defeating thought, this depreciating habitual pattern, whatever it may be- is connected to the hardships you have endured consistently for the past several years, which have been tumultuous years for all on this planet- and especially hard on you that prefers serenity above the chaos of constant movement.  As humans we are often creatures of habit; and when we endure trauma, oddly enough we can become so attached or accustomed to our pain that when we begin to release it or move through it, we actually seek and recruit external triggers to validate or keep ourselves within the pain cycle.  This week, as your triggers arise- may you find solace in your breath and in the New Moon rising on Thursday afternoon.  With this, you are given an opening to step into a new way of being, a new way of receiving, and in turn- a new paradigm of loving yourself more than ever.  Watch what grows from this.  There are many blessings ahead- both financial and intimate.  You are held.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

The New Moon on Thursday is for you, consider it an early birthday gift- or belated if you were born just days before this was written.  It is your opening to focus on caring for yourself, it is your gateway to return back to center- which is necessary to move forward and care for those closest to you in the not so distant future.  You are gifted with an intelligence and brilliance often unparalleled, but the downside of your active mind and your incredible ability to manifest with your words- the darker side of this is the incredible doubt and fear that can come as a result of the very brilliance that makes you so strong.  Your ability to see what is going on so aptly, to identify patterns and see all angles – this can become overwhelming.  Take the time you need at the lead up to this New Moon to draw up the bridges and focus on re-fueling your inner reserves.  Consider each act of self-honoring, setting boundaries, and mindful rest as a prayer that will allow you to go further down the path you truly desire.  This may involve letting a few people down, or drawing some lines in the sand that you have been putting off for a period of time, especially throughout the spring.  There is some tension coming from either a former friend, lover, or a combination of both.  This most likely is connected to your most intimate dealings together, financial or sexual- and there is something that has to be released.  After the weekend you are given the opportunity to evaluate all partnerships in your life with the lens of newfound maturity and commitment.  Make space for what you really want, as it is already on it’s way to you.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Throughout the spring you have been in this process of recognizing your own strength and stepping into a new way of being seen by the world around you. Are you beginning to realize what this means for your relationships?  Your requirements have shifted.  You need more support, less conflict.  Not everyone is as comfortable in the role of nurturing or caring for others as you, but even still- don’t you deserve to get what you give so often?  You do, and it’s time to get real about what is feeding you and what isn’t. The New Moon in Gemini brings with it the end of an era.  You are getting closer now to the beginning of a new Solar cycle with your birthday and New Moon next month, so from here on there is absolutely an emphasis on release- but it will now be accompanied by a simultaneous opening into the future.  In order to move forward, you have to begin to release habits that have been holding you back from the fullest expression of your own vitality and vibrance.  Relationships are included in this as well.  This is a time where anything brushed under the rug will be rising up to be acknowledged, and any truth that has been unexpressed may come out in to the open.  While there may be initial discomfort you will soon be able to find solace in whatever is leaving your life at this time is not in alignment with your the radiance that lies ahead of you.  Letting go with grace is hard, but essential.

Leo & Leo Rising

The people you surround yourself with are an extension of you- and what is being reflected back at you right now?  Do you feel held? You have officially moved into an 18 month period which will see you getting very clear about the types of relationships you want to continue to cultivate, and the type of relationships you would like to let go.  Those that are in play now, and continue to manifest, will carry with them a fated energy.  They have come in to teach you great lessons  about your soul’s work in general and to show you what parts of yourself you need to nurture more.  This week, the New Moon focuses on your more comprehensive tribal affiliations and friendships.  There may be a dissonance at the time this horoscope is read- an obvious disconnection between the support you crave, the community you wish to surround yourself with- and what is actually around you now.  It is your job to get clear about the ways that your own habitual patterns, in particular those that relate to your health and well being, may get in the way of creating the true connections you wish to make.  For the sake of your own well-being, it is time to seek collaboration with those who are as equally inspired, generous and compassionate as you.  This is a time to tune into the wisdom of both your heart and your dreams and begin to strengthen your connection to whatever you honor as your connection to the divine.  Ask for guidance.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

It is a time to expand your potential and believe on a visceral level that you are indeed capable of stepping up to the plate, so to speak.  Over the coming two weeks you will have a clear opening to increase your visibility and make steady strides toward doing the work in this world you were meant to be recognized for.  At the time of the New Moon Thursday, there is a discomfort that is pervasive for all of the zodiac- take rest and use this time to quietly focus your energy into manifesting, step by step and with great commitment, the success that you are truly destined for.  It is nearly impossible to ignore any mind-chatter now- but instead choose to filter your thoughts and determine what is based in fear vs. love.  It should be pretty clear.  There is tug at your heart strings at this time as well and you may be feeling a cutting sensation that has effected your capacity for joy for sometime, finding you asking that question again:  when will it be your time to experience the passion and intimacy you crave?  There are shifts occurring at a tectonic level, and by next week there will new new ground to walk on in this arena.  Your focus is somewhat elsewhere at the moment, which is actually ideal in that it gives things more wonderful than you could imagine the opportunity to arise out of the blue.  Next week, the energy begins to lighten and opens a door to some much needed moments of connection and fulfillment.  Use the pragmatic energy of the next 7 days to carry you on your course until then.

Libra & Libra Rising

Your mind is on the future, and over the coming lunar cycle, you will begin to get a more clear idea of what you want it to look like.  Now is the time to dream things into existence, and after a spring of of figuring out what you don’t want – now is the time to daydream about the things that you want to call in.  Thoughts and words at the time of the New Moon on Thursday, and for three days following, have more weight than usual now – so watch what you say as you will see whatever you put out around you, returned tenfold over the next two weeks.  Watch.  You may still be struggling emotionally with a relationship that has shaken you to the core of who you are over the first half of this year.  At this time you must not push away any shadow emotions that come to the surface- such as anger or jealously. Instead acknowledge them and allow them to pass through you.  This may be the last pass of some rather uncomfortable sensations that you have experience in order to make room for some other extremely pleasurable experiences that are ahead of you.  The deeper you allow yourself to sit with your own pain, the more space you carve for love, connection and joy.  As hard as it has been, this entire process and struggle is meant to bring you into deeper understanding of what you truly deserve in partnership.  Once you know it, you will see it right in front of you.  Feel it now.  All is coming.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

This New Moon does not see you totally unaffected by it’s air of control-drama, but this is territory you can navigate easily.  While others struggle with their own shadows, you happily keep your head above the water.  You are naturally gifted the with the ability to handle the underworld and all of the emotions that come with the deeper and darker realms of this human experience.  The opening created with this lunar cycle is connected to your stream of income, and there are tangible shifts happening there.  There also may be much more going on underneath the surface than you are letting on at this time- this time sees kind of simultaneous death and re-birth.  You are used to this.  There may be a quiet death, or something may indeed be ending in the realm of your most intimate bonds and financial ties, but my guess would be this is a direct reflection of the way in which you have begun to truly see your own worth.  As soon as our perspective begins to shift, we see it externalized.  This has been in the works for sometime, as it has not been an easy process for you to understand how valuable you are.  This is actually a huge part of your life’s work, and will remain that way.  You will just keep surpassing higher plateaus as you age.  And that is exactly what’s happening right now.  You are moving into a new era of being valued by the world around you and this all coming from YOU and your belief in your capabilities.  I am proud of you.  Now- it’s your turn to feel the same way.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

You are being asked to step through a new gateway.  With both a New Moon in your opposite sign, and Mars passing through this area for the last time in two years- opposing Saturn here for the last time in nearly 30 years- you have an opportunity now to devote yourself to a shift in the way you relate to those closest to you.  It is a time to get clear on what the reflections around you are communicating about YOU.  Do you like what you see?  After many lessons, you are beginning to understand that an intimate relationship, both business or personal, must be approached only when you are operating from a solid and stable foundation of respect, trust and commitment.  You also are beginning to see the faults or cracks in any bonds that do not share in that sense of excitement, creativity and divine connection that you cultivate naturally and crave on a regular basis.  There will be moments of truth and clarity incoming over the weekend and into next week.  Your spirit needs these.  The tension will not disappear and the information that comes in must be noted carefully.  Later next week, there is an awakening to do with your heart, that is in some ways the summation of all the experiences you have had for the first half of the year, relating to love both past and present.  What will you unearth?  It’s not so much that something has been hiding, but the cosmos has been waiting to unveil it fully until you are ready.  Now is time.  Be present.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

What has been hiding underneath the surface of where you lay your head at night?  Is there a part of your home life that feels unstable?  The band aid begins to come off this week, and adjustments will need to be made.  You will see it clearly.  This is just prepping you for the deepening of commitments to your body, to your work, to the elimination of habits you have cultivated that are holding you back from the immense energetic potential that is within you.  The New Moon Thursday is all about your relationship to body’s intuition and capabilities.  There is a process that been unfolding slowly all spring, and now the lid begins to blow- by Monday anything that has quietly been building momentum in your life as of late begins to gain serious traction.  Despite the cryptic tone of this message, this is just tension and energy that needs to be moved, as one door closes and another door opens.  This is the type of energy that sees necessary change come in, and this is what transforms and creates the story of your life.  It’s all in how you choose to receive it.  The energy of your sign is so solid that it sometimes can get stuck, but Pluto makes sure this week – and Uranus next week – to give you an eye-opener about something that is reaching it’s expiration, is evolving in a new and more expansive direction.  Read the signs and offer it up, anything that goes is meant to- most likely it is just changing form into and is still there with you.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

You deserve to have the heart healing that is on it’s way.  Soak in those words, maybe even write them down to repeat out loud each day until you believe them.  Do not let any temporary issues related to some darkness or shadow from your past hold you back from knowing that you are worthy of what is rightfully yours:  JOY and STABILITY.  I encourage you at the time of the New Moon Thursday and moving forward into the next week to foster your own creativity in any way possible, summon your Shakti vitality in order to keep on your path and not be distracted or de-railed by any power struggles that make an attempt to consume you at this time.  Your Aquarian nature tires easily of conflict.  However, it is nearly impossible not to be triggered by the conflicting nature of the outer world, especially when one has endured a fair amount of discord and trauma already.  You must do your best to understand that you are no longer in the the heat of battle, although there may be the sensation that it is so.  It’s almost as if you experience a sort of “phantom limb” situation in which you still believe you are bound to some source of pain and suffering that has recently left your life.  You are not bound.  As mentioned in your previous horoscope, you are in actuality stepping into a new time of supportive relationships that will play a significant role in your life throughout the coming year, if not even further into the coming ten years.  Feel your own power, honor the things from the past that have taught you what you will not tolerate, and move forward to create the life you want.  It’s yours.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

I know you are ready.  Ready to let go of the dynamics that have kept you in a holding pattern throughout the entire first half of this year, and in many ways, throughout the past 3 years.  Ready to feel the external validation that you have great WORTH.  You know it, and I know it- but it’s time to feel that incoming wave that you have worked so hard for.  It sometimes takes excruciatingly long to see the inner work we are doing reflected at an outer level;  our blood, sweat, tears, patience, tolerance, tongue-biting, quiet suffering. But now, you are ready to see this reflected in your relationships as you choose to now only involve yourself with those who are a reflection of the YOU that knows exactly what your strengths are- your compassion and kindness among many things- and this will no longer be taken for granted or used as a weapon against you.  You know who is truly with you.  In the background of this greater process there is a shift happening around your home life- perhaps to do with a tug-of-war between your work and your base of operations.  Over the past two months, Mars in Gemini has had you split – but now as he opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, a decision will be made in the coming days that involves a deepening commitment to your life’s work.  Saturn says the work is not over, and truly- when is it?  You already know that.  You are here to serve humanity with your grace and empathy.  Show up.

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