Power Scopes : Week of June 6th



A picture from Archana Bhat, taken in Whistler, CO of two Sundogs, created via refracted light through ice crystals


A lot of movement this week, as we see all the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) shift signs.  We finally feel after a year so far filled with significant setbacks and delays in communication, relationships, finances and vitality/physical health- that we are moving into a new landscape of options, fresh perspectives and renewal.  We have both Mercury and Venus landing in the areas of the sky which they are well equipped to bestow their greatest gifts upon us.  This sees a significant increase in communications and an air of harmony after the lengthy and rocky period of Venus through Aries.  Venus much prefers Taurus, the sign of her rulership, and will make positive aspects to Both Neptune & Pluto throughout the month.  The Full Moon on Friday and into the weekend will bring some kind of ending but coinciding positive omen for all signs of the Zodiac, as detailed in your Scopes below.  As with all Full Moon cycles, there is culmination occurring.  This Full Moon falls in future-oriented Sagittarius, while within the same day we see the direct motion of Jupiter the Great Benefic, the ruler of Sagittarius.  This spells out positive hints of the future including travel and spiritual exploration.  Some of the zodiac may be actually setting out on a trip, or beginning to plan seriously for upcoming travel overseas.  Dream big, enjoy the change of pace & Recalibrate


Notable Transits:

Monday Mars ingress Cancer

Tuesday Venus ingress Taurus (finally!)

Tuesday Mercury ingress Gemini

Wednesday/Thursday Mars-Venus Sextile

Friday Full Moon Sagittarius 18 degrees

Saturday Jupiter Direct

Aries & Aries Rising

As all signs of the zodiac will feel a significant energy shift this week- you feel this especially now.  The first half of this year has contained a nearly uncountable amount of lessons around what you will and will not tolerate from others in your life, what you do and do not want to expend your sweet and precious energy on.  You have undergone trial after trial and as we approach the marking point and enter the second half of the year this month- you finally feel and see the important changes made in your ability to relate to the world around you, as well as your capacity to manifest what you truly want.  Often enough it is only after we discover and eliminate what is not functioning within our lives, or say goodbye to outlived relationships/patterns, that we are then given the opportunity to welcome something (or someone) new.  The Full Moon on Friday, along with the direct Motion of Jupiter, manifests itself as an opportunity that fills you with the utmost hope, renews your faith, and expands your connection to places far from that which you call home.  An olive branch of hope extended perhaps, or a new bond forged- you will feel an ease within your connections that has not been felt in sometime.  One of the many positive changes you have undergone in this first half of the year has much to do with your values as a whole, and chiefly, how you value yourself.  It’s time to begin to reap the rewards of believing in YOU and feel from deep within that you are worthy of nourishment on all levels; Mind, Body & Spirit.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

You may feel as if you are coming up for air after a long period of increased chaos and disharmony, while being faced with many mirrors around you recently, all revealing to you the shadow aspects of who you are.  These experiences have asked you call upon your reserves of faith and self knowledge.  After fully embracing your darkest parts, confronting any habitual patterns or relationships that are not in alignment with self-love and your own values, you are able to move on into the second half of this year with a deep awareness of who you really are and what direction you want to head in.  Your ruler Venus shifts into your sign, and you wake up Tuesday renewed, with a certain amount of serenity in your heart.  The calm after the storm.  From this place, you will see the rest of the week expand in a very positive direction.  As of now, you know that everything outside of you is largely an extension of what is happening within- and starting this week you will feel more in touch with your own beauty and radiance after nearly 6 months that has had you feeling less than vital up until now.  The coming weeks will bring you back into alignment with your truest essence and it’s time you remembered how luminous and powerful you are.  The Full Moon brings in an influx or realization in around your financial and more intimate realms.  Keep in mind the resources that others bestow upon you must be used wisely, and oddly enough this crosses over to their energy and affection.  Soak in any incoming information presented around the weekend and use an increased ability to communicate to your advantage, while you begin to build new connections rooted in confidence.  Trust your inner knowing more than anything at this time and enjoy a bit of restored faith.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

As the Sun continues to tour your sign, you feel the heat rising- and by the end of this week, you see some important developments within your personal life.  Lately, there has been a sense of restriction around your creativity and ability to access true Joy but after Friday you see significant positive omens and experiences to do with your Passion and overall lust for life. You are one who is capable of holding many things at once, as we know for certain; however, now you are holding several things energetically that relate directly to your HEART.  As Jupiter moves direct around the time of the Full Moon in your opposite sign, you feel an opening- even if it is subtle.  You sense that the second half of the year is going to be filled with a bit more hope than the past 6 months, and you are right about that.  It is time to expand your ability to share your gifts with the world, to be recognized by an audience wider than ever before.  A question at the moment, is who will you share this success with? Who do you hold dearest to you?  There is illumination around your closest bonds.  Of course at the time of any Full Moon there is an opportunity to release something, but with this one there is also an awakening as mentioned above.  It’s a time to tap into what you really want in terms of support and partnership- this applying to all levels of relationship, both business and personal. Look at the mirrors around you and see clearly what is reflected back at you.  This shows you more about yourself than anything else in your life.  Take it in, make note and use the support of your ruling planet coming home to do what you do best; make magic with your ability to communicate and connect.  Drop anything that doesn’t inspire.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

The planet of action and vitality entered your sign on Monday and this will be very important as Mars will slowly inch closer and closer to an opposition with Pluto in four weeks; what this means is that all of this month you feel a rising pressure in the realm of your closest bonds, slowly building toward a moment that will define your partnerships around July 3rd.  This week, your energy is very much undercover and you are feeling the call to be home more often than not.  By Friday there is a situation around your physical health that comes to some kind of culmination; it may be releasing a habit that has been preventing from reaching your highest potential, or it may be another awareness about a health issue.  This comes with the forward motion of Jupiter in Libra that brings a potential shift in your home or family life, be it energetic or physically manifest.  From Tuesday onward you feel a lightening and harmony coming into friendships that has been absent for the first half of this year, as the focus has been more on your work and your intimate bonds.  Let the people who love you care for you this week, as you may need the support.  Allowing yourself to receive is a lifetime lesson for you, as your natural inclination is to be self-sufficient.  There is nothing weak about needing love and right now it is an absolute requirement.  While looking at the energy of your chart, I am reminded and will close with the well known quote from poet Rumi:

“You task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Leo & Leo Rising

Your ability to create is at a high level at the time of this Full Moon.  The soil of your life is rich and fertile with potential, and there is some kind of birth taking place.  It seems that you are stepping into the second half of the year with a re-energized commitment to your work, as well as a renewed ability to manifest recognition and positive rewards.  You may have felt some frustration this Spring, or felt in someway discouraged but fear not sweet Lion; the world will see you and it does already.  From Tuesday onward you will be perceived with a rose-glow by the world at large, as the way you share yourself is at a higher vibration than it has been all year.  Your inspiration returns and you feel more deeply connected to your heart than you have in sometime.  Channel this into some form of expression.  There is an emphasis on the fourth quadrant of your chart – in some way you are getting more real about your responsibilities.  Born with the Sun in Leo you are gifted with the duty of making this Earth a more beautiful place in whatever way you choose; see to it in the coming week and into the rest of the month.  For awhile now your go-to has been to retreat or escape, but now you feel more compelled to step in the limelight, connect and be at the service of those in your community.  Jupiter and Mercury’s motion this week brings a rejuvenation to your immediate surroundings. It is a time to look around you and be grateful for the people and things that are the closest to you.  From this gratitude, every aspect of your life will blossom and benefit.  All is blooming in front of you.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

You are aligning with a new vision for the future, and it has everything to do with your spirit, as well as your family and work.  By Friday there is a light shed on an issue that has been building since two weeks ago, and this may connect even further back to something that occurred in December.  You are redefining what you need to support you at the deepest level.  Each of us requires some kind of stable base or sense of ancestral belonging; whether we are conscious of it or not.  We all come from somewhere, and the Full Moon highlights, brings inspiration and forward-focus to whatever you associate with the word HOME.  There is a culmination around your ancestral background.  There is also an emphasis on communication or travel this week- you begin to feel more at ease to interact with the world around and have much to share; while Mars to Cancer stimulates your desire to be held by your tribal affiliations and greater support networks.  For all of the work you do to provide others with care and nourishment, you are entering a time which will see you needing to be nourished yourself.  While it is your natural inclination to continue plugging away and being in service, now more than ever is a time to receive, slow down, and let the connections in your life nurture you.  This is not always easy for you, however, from this place of rejuvenation you will be able to launch into the second half the year as it approaches feeling fed and restored.  Slow down now; all is coming.

Libra & Libra Rising

By the weekend, your idea of what you want the future to look like will have shifted.  You are aware of a change building at the very foundation of your life, as you acknowledge that there is a necessary chapter ending, in whatever way this manifests.  However, as it always is, there is a simultaneous opportunity for expansion in front of you.  Jupiter only comes into your sign once every 12-13 years; you have great luck and momentum on your side.  Where you feel resistant to change take note; this will be more emphasized, confronted and catalyzed in the later summer.  There is no doubt this week a sense of renewed purpose, excitement and inspiration for all signs- but especially for YOU.  Alongside this, you feel the instant relief on Tuesday as Venus finally shifts from Aries to Taurus- what this means for you is in general a feeling of harmony and ease that is pervasive in both your intimate relationships and the status of your finances.  Where there has been some form of anxiety for the first half off the year, as well as much reworking of the past, you are finally in the clear to keep your gaze ahead of you instead of behind.  You feel more loved than you have in sometime, and it is important for you to honor and have gratitude for the blessings that are coming into your life with ease from this week forward.  You deserve the best, and I hope by now you feel that from deep within.  There is evidence all around you. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Are you smiling yet?  Yes?  Good. No? Just wait.  The move of Venus into your opposite sign always brings with it blessings to your closest connections, however, this time and this year you feel a rejuvenation within this realm more than in a long time.  It has been a quite off-putting spring, with affection only delivered intermittent between intense bouts and focus on work and finances.  You are entering a time of increased ease, affection and pleasure.  You have more than earned it by now.  I see you standing on a new solid ground of belief in yourself, belief in your worthiness of love and care.  You can also directly apply this to how you make your living.  The Full Moon on Friday says goodbye to one way of earning and supporting yourself, but with it carries a direct link to the future possibilities that lay ahead of you.  The past has allowed you to come to where you are, and for that it must be honored; but every day has it’s end.  In order to access all that is front of you- one door must close in order to move forward.  Although your sign is actually associated with endings and transformation, this does not mean that you move through either of these things without remorse, sadness or contemplation.  What it means is that you are familiar with the process and know that at the end of this, you are giving birth to a new and brighter future. Welcome it with open arms.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The Full Moon shines on to you, and at the same time your ruling planet moves forward.  If you have been feeling a disconnect between what you desire for your future and what’s in front of you- this week will see you making some strides, or at the very least, there will be at least one positive development that will reignite the fire inside of you.  You are one that always needs to have a target ahead of you, and when you lose focus a deep depression can sometimes set in.  Begin to return to your faith and optimism.  Mars exited your opposite sign on Sunday, but in his place is a much happier placement of Mercury, bringing an increase in communication from both business and personal connections.  All one-to-one dynamics benefit, and at the same time you are gifted with an increased glow and radiance as it becomes easier to focus on your physical health and well being.  Your vitality is at a high and you are supported in anything that sees you giving your body love.  It becomes easier to care for yourself, as you wave goodbye to nearly half of the year that has seen your energy depleted, your creativity stalled and your romantic life at a slow pulse.  You are stepping back into your hopeful element and it’s just in time.  There’s something you are letting go of by this weekend- but there is an opening ahead that softens any blow to the ego.  Believe in your higher purpose and know that anything lost on the way is just lightening the load so you can expand to your full potential.  Let it happen.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

There is a deepening and focus on your closest bonds, and as mentioned in your opposite sign Cancer’s horoscope, there is a slow build to a moment in early July that is going to be definitive in a key relationship. There is no rush, and this week by Friday you may have the opportunity to finally make a break from the past that is essential for you truly open your heart to the future.  All throughout the week you have the sweet interplay of Mars and Venus that gives you some much needed tenderness and love, even if this is simply you taking the opportunity to care more for yourself.  You have to allow yourself to soften and receive what is right in front of you.  Easier said then done for a sign as independent and self-preserving as you, after the first half of the year was filled with such tension and stress.  You are beginning to become aware of what habits have previously kept you from connecting in the way that you want, and with this acknowledgment you are allowing yourself to move through the self-destructive or self-depreciating rituals that have kept you in a holding pattern within your relationships.  Don’t be so hard on yourself and come to understand that pushing harder is not always the way ahead.  There are times for rest, times for backing off and this does not mean you are weak; in fact, the body is only able to grow and repair when it is given proper downtime.  Apply the spirit and your relationships as well.  The Full Moon emphasizes this more than anything, and what comes to mind is the Italian principle of “La Dolce Far Niente.”  Relish in the sweetness of doing nothing, and let yourself be cared for.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Your mind is on security, preservation and the formation of goals that will benefit you in coming months.  It is a time for making connections and finally after a first half of the year which has marked by disruptions and upsets within your home, after Tuesday there is a pervasive calm that comes in as you feel more at peace within your living situation.  A welcome harmony for all signs the zodiac, and for you- your home life directly benefits.  Contention within your family eases and with this new sense of stability, all other aspects of your life can come together. One thing after another, things begin to fall into place.  At the time of the Full Moon on Friday and into the weekend, there may be the death of dream or affiliation that is necessary in order to move forward.  In contrast, you may call on a connection at a distance to move forward on a coming project.  If there is a friendship or connection in your life that is not in alignment with your future, you will know it and begin to loosen your grip.  You are a master at rising above, so if the opportunity for confrontation happens- communicate openly and determine your exit strategy.  You have other things to contemplate as Jupiter moves forward and the second half of the year lays before you many opportunities.  This includes the potential for some long overdue exploration, education and adventure.  Stay focused and find clarity. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Simultaneous death and rebirth, isn’t that always the name of the game?  I write about it often, not to be redundant but because this is quite simply the nature of the world we live in.  The interplay of Shiva/Shakti, Destruction/Creation, this is the cyclical nature of all things.  Something is ending around the time of this weekend that has to do with the way you have been perceived for a significant period of time and this relates directly to your work.  Your responsibilities have shifted tremendously in the past year, especially since December and there is a culmination happening around this now.  There is a spark of hope at the same time, however, and this may be coming in as either financial support or the final promise of some overdue funds that will be on the way within the coming 6 months as Jupiter begins to move forward (albeit slowly).  One step at a time, and in order to move ahead, you have to finally close a door at the end of this week.  If it is not financial support you are receiving as a beam of hope at this time, it is the strengthening of a bond that is becoming more intimate than something you have experienced in what feels like lifetimes.  What you have observed more than anything over the trials of the Spring is your own tendency to sabotage situations by questioning your own worth and value within them.  As your duty to the world around you is changing, it is of the utmost importance that you hold yourself in the highest regard and continue to become acquainted with your deepest wounding, which potentially dates back to the womb itself.  We are all born into this life to heal and be healed.  Keep going. 

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