Neptunian Power Scopes


Neptune Retrogade

POWER SCOPES this week are shortened and concise, speaking in short sentences to the station of Neptune as it pertains to each sign.  Look and see each has one to two words contained in BOLD lettering for a themed emphasis. READ ALL OF THE SUMMARY below as it applies UNIVERSALLY to ALL SIGNS (Neptune Style)


After a dynamic Full Moon in Sagittarius, we are gifted with a potentially healing and deeply recalibrating week.  Defined by both positive and dynamic aspects formed by Mercury, as well as the retrograde station and nebulous influence of Neptune- there is an emphasis on inspiration, communication, creativity, synchronicity and spiritual connection.  It is a time to slow down and listen.  As applies to the station of any outer planet – when Neptune shifts directions this week we feel its influence most strong.  This results in increased dream activity, creative energy and messages incoming from realms unseen.  

Named Neptune to the Romans, Poseidon to the Greeks, in ancient myth he is God of the Sea- this planet is associated with the ocean of the subconscious mind – a symbolic comparison poignantly and consistently made by Carl G. Jung, a life long archetypal and astrological enthusiast.

I often say the energy of Neptune is “beyond words,” meaning that it is is vast and deep, nearly unfathomable by the logical mind but FELT.  Where as the planet Mercury would more easily be associated with the Left brain – controlling the analytical aspects of the mind, logic, communication and deductive reasoning; Neptune would be that function of the mysterious Right brain which has much to do with emotional capacity, empathy, compassion, love, ART and connection to god-consciousness.  To dive deeper into this subject I suggest exploring neuroscientist Dr. Jill Taylor’s book “A Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey,” in which she describes in detail her experience following a significant stroke occurring in the left hemisphere of her brain.  As this happened, and as she describes it, during this experience she was primarily acting out of direction of her right brain hemisphere.  The quote below describes the functioning of the right brain – which I believe is a beautiful description of the energy of NEPTUNE that is available NOW:

“Our right brain perceives the big picture and recognizes that everything around us, about us, among us and within us is made up of energy particles that are woven together into a universal tapestry. Since everything is connected, there is an intimate relationship between the atomic space around and within me, and the atomic space around and within you – regardless of where we are. On an energetic level, if I think about you, send good vibrations your way, hold you in the light, or pray for you, then I am consciously sending my energy to you with a healing intention. If I meditate over you or lay my hands upon your wound, then I am purposely directing the energy of my being to help you heal.”

This is what we are gifted with this week, a heightened capacity to get high on CONNECTION at an inner and outer level, as well as a heightened capacity to HEAL.  This is Neptune in it’s highest expression. The ruling Planet of Pisces brings with it many gifts- psychic insight, powerfully vivid dreams, creative impulse and the time of Neptune’s station is well-spent in nature (especially by water or the ocean), as well as immersed in art, poetry, music, yoga, or spiritual practice of any kind.   More sleep may also be required at this time.  

Neptunian energy is so powerful and metaphysical, that it can often lead those who are not as comfortable or easily attuned to their emotional body into a state of confusion, delusion, overwhelm, lack of boundary and escapism. Any form of “numbing out” via substance use when this energy is high is NOT advised… but often indulged.  Nostalgia is also always a side-effect; it’s as if waves of incoming spiritual messages are washing through constantly.  Some can hang with it, some choose not to.

At mid-week on Wednesday, the planet of logic Mercury and Neptune are at a 90 degree angle which results in fogginess, delays in transport, sleepiness, odd dreams and miscommunications.  Allow extra time and space- this is not the day to pin down exact details or finalize agreements if possible.  Watch information coming in but take time to process over the weekend.  Mercury’s simultaneous trine to Jupiter will bring in positive opportunities or offers mid-week, but notice which of these carries with it some level of mystery or potential for being untrustworthy.  Use your instincts.

Take heed, take rest.  On Friday Neptune stations retrograde and we feel the strong pulse of inspiration all weekend. We must all take care to not overdo it, especially those of us (YES ME) with prominent Piscean energy up in our charts- so that we are better able to navigate the highly emotional and inspired energy that this brings forth. Make room for MAGIC and tune inward.

Noteable Transits:

Mercury Trine Jupiter Tuesday

Mercury Square Neptune Wednesday

Sun Opposition Saturn Thursday

Neptune Retrograde Friday


Aries & Aries Rising

You bring healing to the trauma of your past by allowing yourself to drop into GENUINE presence; not by rejecting fear or pain you feel but instead by embracing it, following it to the root and understanding how it has made you who you are- only then you find your release.  Do not attempt to evade what hurts you, it will keep coming back.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Allow yourself to be held by the arms of those who truly love and nurture you, while letting go of those who do the opposite- open to the idea of a new community that can provide you with the deep and abiding LOYALTY that is a more authentic reflection of what is within you.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

You are gifted in many ways but what gifts do you want to be SEEN by those around?  Understand that your work from here on is shedding your healing light onto the world, and this is not a matter of question but necessity; the way which you choose to direct your energy will soon be recognized and it is your choice what you want to reveal.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

It is of the utmost importance to nourish your mind by opening to the idea that you are connected to something greater, after maybe a period of questioning or dissociation; reconnect NOW to the intention and hope for the future you wish to carry you forward, regain your FAITH and let it heal you.  Optimism returns slowly.

Leo & Leo Rising

Reassess any energetic leaks occurring within your bank account and your bedroom, it’s time to reign in your resources and in turn, find yourself more satisfied than ever. The way which you SHARE yourself intimately with others is sacred- if this feels anything but true for you at this time, it is time to change your behavior swiftly.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Everything you do now to care for yourself is a moving prayer that brings you closer and closer to a divine relationship with another being; this incoming relationship has the capacity to heal you and fill you with more joy than you have experienced; now you are reminded to stay on the path of DEVOTION to yourself- only from here will you be met.

Libra & Libra Rising

Your relationship to your BODY needs to shift and become more loving- as any rituals or habits you choose to partake in on the day to day will be called into question rapidly;  you cannot give love to the world around you from a place of lacking nourishment and rest.  Slow down and take care of yourself more comprehensively.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Make space for JOY and creative whim after a year that has thus far been dominated by work; remember that allowing yourself to experience connection and PLAY assists and directly benefits all others aspects of your life, including your work and resources.  You welcome in a new paradigm of happiness now.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Often misconstrued that you are a sign that lacks depth because of your ability to enjoy many things at once, this myth could not be more far from the truth, since your connection to spirit is one of the strongest- and now is a time you need listen to those stirrings at the core of who you are, as you begin to shake what in your life has been holding you back from going DEEPER.  This has something to do with your need for family, or how you define it.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Communication is magic, magic is the ability to manifest with precision and intention, so this week you must be very mindful what it is you are calling out for; remember that while you are a sign that has been blessed with a WILL stronger than most, there are times where this does not serve you- now is a time to SOFTEN.  You have to allow things to happen, as they are in the process of unfolding.  Let them.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

If you are feeling LACK at the moment, I would suggest you explore this trigger or sensation of being WITHOUT and create an origin story for it- bringing meaning and understanding to your first experiences on this earth of being without nourishment or sufficient care; by doing this you come closer to what your needs are at this time and how you will go about caring for yourself in the ways which you were not given the opportunity before.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

The tide rolls out again and leaves you at the shore with a new landscape before you; dreams and messages coming in at full speed, new inspired opportunities, new longings, along with old longings, waves of nostalgia, the desire to connect, the desire to pull back- it’s all there.  Listen to your heart above all else, distinguish what is coming from fear versus love, resist the urge to avoid pain, honor your own boundaries in relationships, be PRESENT and watch pure magic unfold.  It’s all you.


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