September Power Scopes

Portrait of Pharoah from the underwater city of Canopus



Aries & Aries Rising

At the beginning of the month, your dreams are a gateway to understanding something that has been evading you as of lately.  There is a churning underneath you and at the time of the highly emotional Full moon on September 6, you are gifted with the opportunity to let something from the past go with compassion and forgiveness.  This will be essential for you to reap the benefits of last month’s highly potent eclipse energy. How can you do your best to serve others around you when you are holding on to something from long ago that has hurt you?  Or how can you care for others if there is nagging issue in the background of your mind that you refuse to address?  It is a time for acknowledgement and release. Once this is addressed, you will begin to come closer and closer to an idea of what your work truly is in this world as we move toward the grounding New Moon on September 20.  In order to be in creative flow, you must honor your shadow and any obstacles that appear on the path before you.  There is immense growth potential in the overcoming of habitual or self-defeating Samskaras, which are deeply embedded patterns that you may have inherited from the time of your birth, or even further back.  We are all born into certain circumstance, which has it’s hand in crafting who we are on many levels, however; it is up to you this month to break free from any negative patterning.  Choose Freedom.  Next month you will begin to see this work reflected more in your relationships, through the mirror of someone very close to you.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Look around you and count your blessings.  You would not be where you are today if it were not for the support of certain allies.  Keep them close to your heart and do not forget their loving presence is with you, even when you are separated by some distance.  You must be grateful and show this gratitude with forthcoming around the time of the Full moon in the early month.  It is not always easy for an earth sign to be soft and gentle or to allow those in your life to hold you the way you need to be held.  But now, you need to be held more than ever.  If there is a particular person within your networks who challenges you the most, digging in and prodding you to confront parts of who you are that you’d rather not see; thank this person, if not literally face to face, then in a small quiet ritual.  As it is for all signs, forgiveness is a key theme at this time.  While it is quite possible that a connection from the past may surface either in dreams or waking life, in one way or another- it is up to you to gain a new and more healing perspective on this relationship.  Whatever arises is there to bring you more into remembrance of who and what you really are:  pure, radiant, loving, light.  Anything standing between you and your shining essence may surface, but allow it to do so with the grace that you are so capable of possessing.  Let it pass through you.  The New Moon in the second part of the month grounds you with it’s Shakti mothering energy.  It’s time to plug back in to your creative potential, which is extremely powerful- but only accessible when you are taking proper care of yourself.  Honor your body, which is the sacred vessel for your spirit.  Next month, relationships come to the forefront with the shift of Jupiter into your opposite sign.  Use this month to ensure that you are rooted in self-love, before you meet some very important mirrors in October. 

Gemini & Gemini Rising

In order to heal and serve others with true devotion and purity, you must actively seek your own healing.  This does not mean tirelessly recounting the details of the past, however important they may be.  Your work in this world is great and there is much before you to be done.  Your gifts are countless and the world NEEDS to hear your voice.  But none of this matters until you tend to the garden of your own heart, allowing any wounds exposed to be healed by the light of TRUE forgiveness.  Forgive someone who has hurt you deeply.  Forgive yourself for hurting another.  The time of the Full moon is a time to wash yourself clean of any guilt, doubt, fear or limiting thought pattern that would prevent you from stepping into your undeniable role as a connector and power player in the world around you.  With such an active and strong mind, it is easy for you to get lost in the cerebral aspect of healing.  Begin to bring the healing into your body and heart, through regular movement, ritual and prayer.  The New Moon at September 20 asks you to open yourself to a new idea of family; one that grows only from a base that is solid in boundary and self-care practice.  The new world you are calling in relies on the un-learning of something you may have inherited from your parentage or ancestry.  Is it possible to release and honor trauma or family wounding simultaneously? Yes; let go with love but call on the gifts your ancestors have given you.  There is much to be grateful for.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

You are on a journey, whether it be literal or purely within the realms of the mind and heart.  It may indeed be all three, bringing in the unity of the real holy trinity:  Mind, Body & Spirit.  There is magic afoot in your world, maybe even more so than any of the zodiac this month.  You are expanding your awareness and becoming more one with the understanding that there is something divine within you.  Listen to your dreams at the time of the Full Moon.  There is much healing available to you if you choose to allow it.  Your relationships throughout the summer have tested your ability to connect, and this time serves as a reminder that before you can truly connect with another, you have to plug back into who you are when no one else is around.  More than ever, this is an opportune time to pray.  The grounding New Moon on September 20th is meant to bring you deeper into relationship with your brothers and sisters, whether immediate or extended.  It would serve you to realign with gratitude for your community and support network.  There is much more love and acceptance around you than you assume, but you have to open yourself up to it- which is a lifetime lesson for you.  As a natural born caregiver, you often find it the easier to take the role on of doing the healing work, while the more difficult task is to allow yourself to be healed and taken care of.  Receive the blessings that are showing up for you this month, and looking into October your creativity and Joy potential increases tenfold.

Leo & Leo Rising

You are chewing and assimilating the massive shifts that eclipse season has brought into your life.  Wash it down with the light of the Full Moon on September 6th.  Any barriers, self-inflicted or not, between you and the whole-hearted intimacy that each person on this earth yearns for will be revealed.  Do not succumb to any desire to numb or shy away from the lessons at hand; better yet choose to merge completely with your art, with your lover and with the deep truths that are emerging.  Despite your best efforts to protect yourself, it is time to acknowledge your need for support.  Any shadow aspect or discomfort that arises is meant to bring you more into totality, for once you accept and honor your own darkness, you will be given the opportunity later this month to see great rewards.  Give equal weight and voice both your light and dark side.  If you have been denying your spirit or feeling disconnected from your work, use the potency of this month’s lunar cycle to remember your great talents and worth.  Do not forget the importance of what you bring to those around you; the Joy and Beauty that you give the world is needed now more than ever- even if it sometimes feels like a burden to bear.  At the time of the New Moon on September 20, a small ritual in which you name the ways you would like to be appreciated on the physical and material plane would be encouraged.  Ask for what you want, and you will surely receive it.  Value yourself HIGH.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

To quote shamanic astrologer Caroline Casey, “Presume love in the other.”  You are growing and healing through one key relationship.  This person is reflecting back to you the ongoing work you have been doing over the past 6 months, moving closer into union of mind, body and heart.  With the Full Moon on September 6th, forgiveness can play a role, and certainly a tender stance is required.  While it is easy to blame and look to the behavior of others in order to validate our own fears and doubts, it is much more difficult to find empathy and compassion for those in our lives who challenge us, especially when they do not act as we would prefer.  But you must remember now that the humanity and imperfection of those close to you is in fact, part of what makes them so vital to your growth.  It is time to come to a new understanding of an important other in your life, and accept them as they are.  This may involve taking off the rose-colored glasses, or dissolving an ideal personification that you had once created for them. However, once you choose to be in gratitude for this person and all of their assemblage- the good, the bad and the utterly human parts- you are sending an even more important reverberation out into the multiverse; one that gives YOU permission to be imperfect and human yourself.  This is the real work to which this relationship serves only as a vehicle.  By the time the sky becomes dark and the moon becomes New on September 20, you are more ready to BECOME.  Welcome yourself back home, healed and more whole then ever.  From here, you can better serve the world.

Libra & Libra Rising

Are you feeling impatient when it comes to your relationships?  Yes, that is quite clear.  Jupiter has been building towards an opposition that will begin perfecting at the end of this month and into early next and that is set to bring important others into your life, ready or not.  Or to further catalyze and advance relationships that may already be in the works.  HOWEVER, there is other focus for the bulk of this month, and you have things you need to attend to.  Like your health, your well being, the things you do on the day to day that either make you feel more connected to your body or do not.  The Full Moon is a healing moon, and it is calling you to take better care of yourself.  Wouldn’t your prefer, when the time soon approaches, to see a close relationship in your life reflect back a grounded and cared for YOU?  You will attract the kind of energy you are choosing to be.  You are in a greater process of figuring out what you can offer the world around you in terms of your work, but this process is null and void without YOU and the maintenance of your body.   You are a natural born lover and one that all too easily places the focus and energy in your life on taking care of other people and building relationships.  This month, until after the Fall Equinox at the 23rd, is your time to do YOU.  The rest will fall into place, and this doesn’t mean there is no fun to be had.  Be wise with your time and energy, get extra rest and prepare for an exciting fall season.  The New Moon on the 20th is an opportune time to ask the universe for what you want in terms of your work and service to others.  Answer this question for me, do you feel connected to what you are doing? If not, what would you like to do instead?  Write it down.  Words are magic, and you decide what comes in next. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The light of the Full Moon has you feeling more Joyful than you have in far too long.  Allow it and give thanks.  Enjoy the high amount of love and creative potential available to you at this time and bask in it’s tender light. This year has brought some massive changes in terms of your work, but this time, especially the early month, the focus is on the expansion of your heart.  You possess an incredible ability to connect with others when you choose to, this much we know; but not everyone can handle or match the intensity of care you generously provide for those lucky enough to be close to you.  Now, my vision for you in the coming months, is that you begin to attract those who can not only handle your radiant love, but actually long for all that you bring to the table.  People who want to go deeper.  People who allow you to go deeper.  With this is in mind, only few words of caution at the time of the full moon:  watch any tendency it idealize, to place the object of your affection on a pedestal above you, or to merge so completely that you lose sight of any boundaries that are healthy. View yourself as equal and whole on your own, and from THIS place- you are set to have an incredible time.  The New Moon on September 20 is grounding, and for you, the associations you make via new work connections can feel positive and promising.  There’s a lot to be happy about this month, as a Jupiter moves into your sign in October for the next year- there are many adventures ahead.  Open up.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

I’ll ask you to do a short exercise.  I am going to encourage you to do a free association with a two words that I propose, either written or off the top of your head.  Those words are:  HOME & FAMILY.  As you allow words or images to arise in association with these two, I think you will find ripe material to explore at the time of the Full Moon on September 6th.  Our background and upbringing in many ways shapes who we are, however, there comes a time in everyone’s life and on the Hero’s journey in which one must leave certain things in the past completely.   To forgive and move on to meet the experiences of the future unburdened by any dysfunctional family inheritance.  The trouble is, when it comes to our ancestry or the way we were raised, it never feels easy.  But at this time, it is necessary.  You must begin to forgive what has passed and take steps to heal yourself by living your life from now and into the future in a way that no longer uses what has gone on, or where you come from, as an excuse to perpetuate any legacy of lack or suffering.  In place of anything that has up until now weighed heavy on your heart, I invite you then go to the POLARITY of any negative associations, and vision your life and future home around this.  For example, to share from my perspective, if only to offer you some comfort or idea- the first word that comes to my mind in the above association exercise is “Broken.”  In order to utilize the energy of the Full Moon properly, I would go to the opposite and vision my life and home around the word:  “WHOLE.”

Perhaps use the more positive vision you create for the upcoming New Moon on the 20th that sees you stepping into higher visibility in your work, and dreaming up what you would like to show the world.  Come in to your totality.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Is there something evading you?  Do you feel truly connected to those you are in community with, or is there an illusory quality that must be burned through in order to clearly see what you are and are not getting?  Light that fire.  The Full Moon of the 6th does it for you.  Let’s go to the root here- at the heart of community, the essential aim is COMMUNION.  This is a word I love dearly, so aptly defined as: “the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.”  Interesting, yes?  Is this what comes to mind when you think of the brothers and sisters to which you often share close quarters?  If so, give thanks.  If not, there is a definitive shift that needs to happen.  Also noteworthy, is the association that the word Communion has with the Christian tradition, with the Eucharist or “Holy Communion” in which high priests break bread and feed worshippers in symbolic offering, meant to imply unity with the divine.  Now is a time to feed yourself by consciously separating from community that does not bring you more into connection with your growth and divinity.  In turn, look to the New Moon at September 20 to align with your desire to expand your mind, to travel, to take the role of both the teacher and student.  You are ascending and not all around you are moving at the same pace.  As Jupiter is set to shift next month, you will begin a year long process of exploring friendships that are rooted in authenticity and intimacy.  Set up the platform for that now, sew the seeds of self-honoring and commit to a new paradigm of connections based ENTIRELY in truth.  Nothing else will do from here forward.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Something that you once gave value you to is no longer so necessary or weighty in it’s hold on your life.  Accept that and allow this Full Moon at the start of the month to do what Neptune does best; dissolve and soften.  As I have mentioned before, your sign is not one that is notoriously associated with emotionality, albeit even given a bad rap of being cold or too distant.  Don’t believe all you are told, maybe even things of that nature you have told yourself.  As you may already know you are an emotional being, especially capable of an overwhelming amount of empathy and compassion- so much that it can hinder you from protecting yourself and putting up proper boundaries (not so different then your Pisces zodiac neighbor in that way), as you very much live to serve your community and friends as best you can.  But the full moon brings light and necessary healing to one particular situation where you may have sold yourself short, especially in terms of your earning and work.  NO MORE.  Release and move on from any aspect of your life in which you are not properly compensated, literally or figuratively, for the quality of work you do.  The New Moon on September 20 wiIl see you calling in the support of necessary “backers” or people that see your worth, and are willing to help you.  Dream up what help you may need.  The high vibration of last month is still working on you and your closest relationships.  Pay attention to who is coming in to your life now, and try to cultivate more Joy.  Is it really so hard a task?  Listen to your heart, can you hear it?

Pisces & Pisces Rising

You are forced confront things about yourself that you have a beautiful way of ignoring.  That which we resist, persists.  What you will find, is that what bubbles to the surface for you at the time of the Full Moon on September 6, while it may be uncomfortable- is an incredible gift.  It is all in how you handle it.  The image of a treasure chest arising and being pulled from the depths of the ocean comes to my mind’s eye.  You are unearthing some long overdue truths to be acknowledged and revered, to be held in your heart and honored as more sacred than you once believed.  What I suspect this treasure is connected to:  There is some part of you that you once believed was unlovable.  This Full Moon and Neptune activation brings healing and the desecration of this belief.  May you now see that this part of you is actually what will heal and connect you more deeply to a close other in your life.  May you honor the waves of grief, sadness, or anything else that comes up at the time of the full moon as sacred offerings to the betterment of your future and to the divine.  My prayer for you is that this month you come into union with who you are more than ever.  Forgive yourself of the past.  From this place, and this place only, may you take proper and empowered advantage of the Virgo New Moon on September 20th.  This is your opportunity to envision what you want the future of your closest intimate bonds to look like with great precision.  This vision will be rooted in reality, not a fantasy or delusion that operated without the acknowledging of above mentioned treasure.  The highest order of magic is knowing what you truly want, and going for it.  Focus.  It’s coming. 

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