Return of the Scopes: November Monthly Power Scopes

CIAO beautiful moonchildren –

You’d think with extra time at home to recover and rest my bloody sprained ankle last month, that I would be motivated to write BUT- I pursued other creative pursuits like some cosmological paintings and shamanic drumming, poetry inspired by ancestral wounding BASICALLY anything but the Scopes and could not get it together to channel empathic information for y’all from the cosmos while I was healing myself.  This is the tricky part of virtually everything that I do to serve my world requiring me to fully show up in mind, body, spirit, heart – all of it.  Sometimes I just want to marinate in my BS and call it a day.  But the world goes on.


Anyway, as you might notice the Astral climate is dense AF with all fixed Scorpionic transmutation black panther medicine vibe – I like to pretend/complain/whine as if I don’t dig it but let’s be real:

I LOVE THIS SHIT.  The  soul-wrenching, deep-digging, shadow-dancing SHIT


Enjoy the Scopes and-







Aries & Aries Rising

There’s not a doubt in my mind that your relationships have been through a mighty test or two the past month.  What has come out into the light of day that can not be put back into the closet?  Maybe a ghost or two from your past has come back to haunt you by way of a bad habit, or a defunct way of relating due to negative experiences in your past.  Whatever it was that came to light at the end of last month- may be back up on the serving table this month, especially around the time of the New Moon on November 18th.  The astrological environment is highly charged with a “make or break” energy that while perceived as difficult at first will indeed bring you more into truth.   Just be aware that at mid-month there will no doubt be buttons pressed, both within the realm of your career and your closest relationships.  Pluto has been “cooking” you for some years now, forcing you to keep searching for what it is you really want to offer to the world around you.  What are you contributing?  Are you satisfied?  How is your relationship to your work perhaps affecting your relationship to your closest partners/lovers?  There is awareness coming in.  That being said, the New Moon will call you to dive deeper into uncharted waters than you have in sometime.  True intimacy calls you to cultivate relationships rooted in spiritual understanding, vulnerability and truth.  This will not be easy- but it will no doubt worth it.  Don’t ignore the part of yourself that craves connection, instead, feed it with nourishment from those who want to give it to you. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Go easy on yourself.  With the sun drifting through your opposite sign Scorpio, you may feel more drained than usual.  The sun is the furthest distance from your sign and this lends itself to less energy than you are normally blessed with.  Your physical and mental health has been a challenge and this may continue until after the New Moon on the 18th of the month.  The sign opposite yours is representative of your closest relationships, both working and personal, and these have been under the microscope as of lately.  The health of the closest relationships in our world is a direct and mirrored reflection of our relationship to ourselves.  How have you come out of alignment with who you are?  What is staring back at you?  How can you support your body and mind at this time to cope with the inevitable outside stressors that are present in the outer world? Tend to your inner garden and practice more self-care, one step at a time, to get back to who you really are.  This is essential.  If you choose to keep going, keep pushing too hard, or ignoring the signals of your body- the end of the month may prove to be quite challenging.  I urge you instead to take this time to heal.  As you do this, you will see the above mentioned relationships begin to heal as well.  The New Moon will be a fresh start in your closest partnerships- you can choose through your actions over the course of the month how this will go.  Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others.  The trine of Uranus & Saturn exacting the second week of the month is the dose underlying optimistic support you may need to get yourself back to good.  Know that even when you feel alone, you are NOT.  There are those who want to see you thrive and they are willing to help you, if you can be vulnerable enough to let them know how much you need them.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

You are beginning to dive into your life’s work more than you have in sometime.  It is time to put into practice all of the healing work you have done on yourself and now focus on healing others in whatever way you choose to express yourself.  Whatever your art, now is the time.  As the sun passes through Scorpio, along with Venus and Jupiter, the working part of your life is emphasized.  Get organized, get real, get ready.  While you start this new chapter in regards to your work, at the same time, it is time to continue the trend of cleaning up your habitual patterning and tend to your body.  You can’t keep up the high level of functioning that is going to be required of you over the next year if you don’t take proper care of your well-being.  That being said, everyday is a new day- and if you have fallen out of any health routines, this day is as good as any to get back to it.  The New Moon signifies a fresh start in both work and physical health.  Fear not, however, that you will be so consumed with work that you miss out on any potential blessings in your personal life.  Saturn has been touring your opposite sign since the end 2014, signifying a long and pain-staking period of evaluating your closest relationships.  Saturn is a planet that rewards those who are willing to go through every step of the process with presence and responsibility.  By mid-month this month, you may be gifted with a ray of hope and uplifting within the realm of one particular relationship, friend or lover.  Try to find your faith again and know that you are extremely valuable to those who take the time to truly see you.  And those who do not?  How do they show you the ways in which you do not love yourself?  The Scorpion sun shines light on both.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Life often brings Joy and Suffering hand in hand.  According to yogic theory, their root is the same: Desire.  There is a disruption or challenging energy within the realm of your home or family that may come to somewhat of a head around the time of the New Moon on the 18th, which sees you shaken and temporarily ungrounded.  Whatever issue may have flared up around the end of last month, will be back around and amplified by a square from Mars to Pluto.  Breathe.  You are being stirred the core of who you are and where you come from.  While you have grown somewhat accustomed to letting things go and shedding layers of who you once were, this month may prod a wound that just won’t seem to heal.  What is your part in this and what can you do?  Go to your desire.  My guess would be that you’d like to find a way to fix it. Is this within your realm of control?  If not, then acknowledge this and begin to re-focus on what you can control.  Sometimes things happen all at once, so while you are challenged by this particular and maybe ancestral/family/home issue again- the New Moon on the 18th ALSO brings with it a new beginning of a creative or romantic kind.  My hope is that you carve time for Joy, despite the underlying tension or stress at the root of your life.  If you are looking to conceive anything, the New Moon and three days following are primetime, especially for you this month.  This is a fertile time to begin the gestation process of something joyful that will come to fruition or find it’s birth over the coming year.  Open up to the idea that you deserve it.

Leo & Leo Rising

The eclipses of the late summer are still working on you by way of your close relationships and your understanding of them, however, this month also challenges you to define what the word HOME means to you.  Jupiter has begun a deep dive into the oceanic realm of your chart which will require you to go back to your ancestry, your upbringing and investigate parts of yourself that you inherited without choice.  As the Sun and Venus also bring energy to this area of your solar chart, your relationships and home take a more serious tone, and toward the end of the month there is an opportunity to open up to a kind of love or healing that you haven’t experienced in a long time, if ever.  But you must do the soul work to get there, looking at what formed both your personality at the time of your youth, as well the conditions of your family when you were young and how this taught you to love others.  What is also required on the way to this softening and heart opening at the end of the month is a stark, realistic and objective look at what aspects of your working life or career path are not congruent with your future vision.  There is some awareness around the Full Moon on November 3rd about this, and this realization carries you toward the energy of the New Moon on November 18th.  Around this time you may decide to make a move to change house or to begin operate primarily from a different locale, as this would be positively supported by the cosmos.  If not on the mundane level of moving, you may be opening up to a the idea of becoming more intimately involved with someone in your life or starting a family, as you allow your protective ego layers to melt away and reveal more of your heart.  It is important to have those relationships in which we can let our guard down, is it not?  It is important to have those people who see us without our armor and hold us in non-judgement.  It’s healing.  THAT is family.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

With all of this Fixed and Cardinal energy, the mutable signs including yourself could find themselves a bit down and out at this time, quite literally feeling physically weighed down or exhausted by this dense astrological climate.  Even for the the most grounded Virgo, this may seem a bit much.  You may have had cause for concern since late last month about your finances, and this perceived pressure will most likely continue until after the New Moon of the 18th.  But all will be well after some adjustments.  Do not fret too much, you will be supported in the end if you need it by the backing of someone who believes in you.  Your ruler Mercury moves from the murky waters of Scorpio into the hopeful fire of Sagittarius on November 6th, where he will stay until January 11. You will probably feel a shift nearly immediately, like a small ray of light in the darkness but you still have yet to make some more discoveries that are hidden inside the deepest recesses of your psyche.  Really, that work never stops.  But is especially highlighted this month.  There are more forgotten crevices to shine a light to. You are on a journey of defining what family and HOME means to you. Or, you may quite literally be looking for a new home.  Just remember the spiritual and the mundane always overlap.

My visual for you at this moment is this:

You are deep-diving at the bottom of a cold and dark ocean floor, shining a small but powerful light on a shipwreck that contains mementos and reminders of your childhood and family of origin.  Not all of these are pleasant, but you know that they are important to see at this time, for a reason relevant to the present moment.   When you have taken in all that you must, you begin to slowly shine your light up and begin to make your long and slow ascent toward the light of the upper world, barely visible above, as you assimilate your findings. 

Take your time. 

Libra & Libra Rising

I’ll give you the goods first:  you will certainly not be at any shortage of love and affection this winter. I know that this is what you really want to know, since your sign is that of THE LOVER, and relationship is the essential life-blood (along with beauty in it’s many forms) which runs through your veins.  It’s not that I am telling you what you’d like to hear, as both the second week of the month as well as the very last days of it (especially the beginning of December) will be rather sweet if you allow it- but what I am making sure of is to tell you upfront that status of what I know you are most concerned with.  Now to the parts that you do not always want to look at because they are hard and less pleasing for a sign ruled by Venus.  The New Moon of the 18th is a simultaneous death and birth for you in multiple realms.  You are letting go of the parts of yourself that stay in jobs, relationships or in any situation at all in which you do not feel valued or loved.  This is the time to make a commitment to yourself to provide for yourself all your nourishment only from sources that truly fill you up, not that leave you feeling shortchanged every time, physically or energetically.  If this is a familiar feeling for you, let’s take a deeper look even- do you feel that what you are doing (or who you are involved with) at this time to provide for yourself is in alignment with what you feel you are worth?  Does it make you happy? What is your happiness worth? Perhaps its time to make some changes.  Or at least begin the seed process of exploring the work you will be doing with Jupiter in the 2nd house of your solar chart for the next year.  You have the help of your ruler Venus all month with this as well.  This work seeks to heal parts of you that may have been broken at some point into believing that you could not provide for yourself adequately or are not WORTHY of love.  You can, of course, and are you ARE.  Tied into this shift around the 18-20th of the month, there may be tension within the realm of your home and family.  Breathe through it and hold your ground.  All will be well.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Well, as the whole world goes bloody mad with all this Scorpio energy, dancing with their shadows try to make sense out of the darkness as they do every year at this time- but ESPECIALLY this year- you continue to do your thing slowly but surely.  Swallowing the most shadowy parts of yourself whole, you continue to re-emerge everyday all the more powerful. 

Note the chosen picture of this month’s Scopes, the symbolic snake of Ouroboros.  If you haven’t heard of this symbol, don’t worry, you are unknowingly quite familiar with it already, I assure you- as you are extremely aware of the cyclical aspect of nature and the importance of life and death on many levels.  It is a symbol dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians, but also represented in the medieval practice of Alchemy.  The snake devours it’s own tail, hinting as many ancient cultures have that death and destruction is a part of the human journey to be honored and revered.  The Alchemical process itself begins with the process of Decomposition or NIGREDO.  As mentioned, you are familiar in the art of devouring yourself and being reborn.  This month you are in your familiar territory and you have Jupiter the great Benefic in your sign for over a year’s time, this being a mighty boon to you among all the water signs. Going into December, and over the coming year you will have the opportunity to heal some part of you that for a long period of time believed on some level that you cannot access true Joy.  That is false, you can- and you will.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

With your ruling planet recently moving into Scorpio, you are adjusting to the cosmic energy at a visceral level.  For a sign that thrives in movement, travel, engaging with the world at a high level and thriving in an optimistic, fast and forward-moving environment, the past month has most likely not been a walk in the park for you.   Believe me, I feel you.  But what this energy is:  useful and necessary.  It’s a time of shedding and release which is an essential part of the human journey (please refer to your neighbor Scorpio’s scope above).  You must let things go with grace in order to move forward and become who you will be.  Open up to the idea that losing something does not mean you have lost.  Fret not, as the sun will shift out of Scorpio after Wednesday November 22nd and join Mercury in your sign.  What does this mean?  This means your energy will return to you, but you must take it slow in the first three weeks of the month.  It would be an opportune time to kick any self-depreciating habit you may have picked up throughout the past two or so years of Saturn drilling you into a more responsible version of yourself.  And on that very subject:  Saturn does not come with a soft side persay,  however, the second week of the month may be the most positive of the month for you in that Saturn makes a fire Trine with the planet Uranus, indicating some kind of igniting around your true passion and heart space.  Let the fire of your spirit carry you forward. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Other than a bit of tension around your work or a power struggle which sees you pulling hairs at mid-month (18th-20th) due to the scrutiny of a “higher-up,”  your journey is more private and internal this month, as it is in general for the collective with the highly Pluto-nic environment that surrounds.  But certainly for you.  What you know:  you know that you are saying a much needed good-bye to a part of yourself that relates to your community from a disempowered or un-ignited stance.  You are no longer nourishing tribal affiliations who only support you when you are wearing the mask of a personae that is no longer relevant or true to who you are.  You are letting go of your connection to some faces from your past, in order to welcome those in your future.  Only from embodied truth can you move forward in all relationships, networks and branches of your life. Only in authenticity can you stand and look at the whole of your life, your efforts and creative impulses and know that your dreams are within reach.  Those who can’t love you in your highest expression will begin vibrating out of your life this month, if they haven’t already.  And it’s high time – as in December you will be rewarded tenfold for all of your persistence through the shadow realms, for your ruler Saturn moves into the sign of his rulership as he only does only every 30 years.  Do the clearing work this month and enjoy the solidifying and beneficial last trine of Uranus and Saturn the second week of the month which sees your home life sweetened and supported (finally?!).  Set up your platform, prune your wings, set your intentions- and when mid-december hits:  you SOAR. 

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

With all of the personal planets towards the top of your chart, you are gaining visibility at this time, no doubt.  But before you can fully BECOME you have to begin burning through some  deeply embedded and unnecessary belief systems or self-deprecating psychological tendencies that have had you bogged down for sometime.  My question for you is:  What is your current relationship to Spirit?  What truly ignites you?  Before you go seeking the attention or approval of the outer world, which will likely come if you stay persistent in your work as Jupiter tours the top of your chart- much more important is observing the quality of your thoughts, your relationship to the very work you are doing and how it got to be that way.  Often discussed in relation to your polarity brother/sister Leo, is the battle between expression vs. ego.  This applies to you equally and this tug-of-war will always be within you.  Art is meant to be created and seen, but what is it before it is acknowledged and loved by many?  Art is always art.  Keep creating, keep doing what you are doing and as long as your spirit is in alignment with your own personal truth, all you could want and more than you could ever imagine will follow.  You were blessed at birth with a mind bright like a 1,000 suns and intellect sharp as a dagger – but what you are here on this earth to do is to drop into your heart.   This month you are blessed at mid-month by a connection within your community.  Saturn may have had you feeling somewhat isolated the past two years, however, this was not the case.  He was teaching you to choose more wisely and with greater responsibility the company that you keep.  This is the time where you reap the rewards for your selectivity, and begin to settle into a new understanding of the word TRIBE.  Let this lift you up. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising

As the Sun radiates through your fellow Water sign Scorpio, I see you wandering in a rainy and dark jungle on a quest that aims to bring you into a deeper understanding of Divinity and what it means to you.  I believe at the core of each Piscean there is a kind of inherent wisdom and divine knowledge of the entire multiverse and its many dimensions – but its digging the damn thing out, shedding the light of acceptance to it, discovering it, putting it into structured form- that gives God a name and makes the concept relatable and absorbable to a man/woman on his/her respective journey.  You are on the journey to the alchemical gold of your own purest form.  What name will you give it?  Where will you find it?  May I suggest the only route I have found:  WITHIN.  Despite my best efforts to find it outside of myself in one form or another, the closest connection to God has been those moments with my eyes closed and alone.  As if you don’t already know that, since you have nearly all of the information of the cosmos within you.  But every now and then, throughout your whole life, you will be delivered reminders of your own divinity or connection to divinity, however you choose to acknowledge it.  Explore this connection at the time of the New Moon on November 18th, as there will no doubt the good old external triggers around friends vs. money that have been and will be there for sometime.  This is par for the course. Breathe through that and the New Moon will reveal to you a new Ethos coded somewhere deep within you ready for practice as you become the most real version of yourself you have been in this lifetime, or many.  You are that.


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