Full Moon Power Scopes June 2018




Week of June 24th, 2018

The return of the Scopes at last.  Jupiter in Scorpio has seen me transforming behind the scenes.  But here we are, just past the Solstice and blooming into Eclipse season.  The upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn, while not an eclipse, bears with it a heavy weight.  It gives life, potency and manifestation to the structure of those things in our lives that are REAL.  On the contrary, it shines a stark light on what is not to be depended upon.  Let the reveal begin.

As above, so below.


Aries & Aries Rising

Rise and shine.  This week’s Full Moon brings with it great insight for you as to what needs to change in terms of your soul work in this world.  By Wednesday you are becoming clear about what needs to shift and you will feel it on a visceral level.  Every cell in your body is vibrating.  It is only right for you to devote yourself fully to work that does not deplete your vitality and essential nature.  There is a definitive moment of reckoning or clarity.  How are you committing your energy?  Is it feeding you or sucking you dry?  Breathe now into the belief that you deserve to be treated with respect by those that surround you in a professional environment, or not at all.  Moving toward the next New Moon and Solar Eclipse in mid-July we see fertile potential for shifts around your home.  These will certainly be coming within the next year.  Close your eyes and imagine the qualities you truly desire in both a sanctuary that will allow you to expand and grow into who you are becoming as well as a safe foundation for whatever work it is that truly inspires you.  As Gregg Braden says:  “The feeling is the prayer.”  All that you need is within you.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

A belief is defined in two ways:

  1. “An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.”
  2. “Trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.”

So, lets start here.  What do you know to be true?  To cite the work of Byron Katie, do you know this to be absolutely true?  What un-truths have you been clinging to that are no longer matching your vibrational being?  The test to discover this is quite easy.  When you think a thought, do you feel physically ill or do you immediately plummet to despair?  This is the best indication that your belief is not true and that this thought or belief is not real.  It is a painful story you have created.  The time of the Full Moon is a time to tune into the wisdom of your body and let it guide you back to the deepest parts of your heart.  Now, we explore the second and more challenging interpretation of the word belief that is also the medicine to remedy any untruth you have been sitting with for too long.  Root into those three words:  Trust, faith and confidence.  What and who do you truly trust?  Show these people (who are so loyal that you may unknowingly take their graces for granted) true gratitude with your actions and devotional love.  Take your energy away from those who do not put your soul at ease.  This will return to you in many ways, and soon. How can you align with faith that the future is bright even if recent changes have caused you to doubt the path ahead?  By breathing a new story into your heart and mind- one that begins with that last key word.  Confidence.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Sex is so often confused with intimacy.  However, there is nothing more unnerving than laying with a partner whom you do not feel connected to on a psycho-spiritual level.   To commune with another physically is only one way to awaken the great cosmic creative force within you.  To commune with another in the realm of thought and heart is something else completely.  Do you believe that you can have both?  Or do you desire to?  At the very least, those born into your sign must intellectually respect their closest intimate partners.  If this is not the case currently- the Full Moon may see you saying goodbye to a compromising relationship.  If you are not currently engaged in a physically intimate partnership, look at those relationships in your life in which there is some other kind of “sacred energy exchange.”  Are you giving too much of your power away to any one person or situation?  This a time to call forward necessary boundaries, or a time that boundaries will be placed upon you.   Moving toward the next New Moon Eclipse, and into the coming two years – the knowledge of your worth becomes more important than ever.   The process starts now.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

I recently found great inspiration in a simple quote that so aptly describes every relationship I have ever been in or said goodbye to.  Here it is:

“You either move toward something you love or away from something you fear.  The first expands.  The second constricts.”  (Tom Crum)

So you choose now, what are you running towards and what are you running from?  Are you in alignment with your heart?  Only you know what this means.  The time god Saturn is aligned with the Full Moon on Wednesday and he has many gifts for you if you are willing to do the work it takes to receive them.  Saturn deals only with the real, with the structural integrity and the bones of whatever he is working on.  And he is doing is slow and steady surgery on your partnerships.  You are healing the wounds of the past 10 years and the mirror of someone close to you is showing you all of the ways you have grown, all of the work that still needs to be done and everything in between.  Trust is not something that comes easy for you.  But now is not a time to run.


Leo & Leo Rising

If you find yourself questioning the direction you are headed in, or the state of your closest relationships, I want you to do your best to stop now.  Get comfortable in the unknowing.  It would be easy over the coming months to allow yourself to go into an overly cerebral tailspin wondering what will be.  But it is important for you stay present, as you move into eclipse season, which always presents with some unforeseen circumstances.  While information and people from your past present themselves, take deep breaths and decipher what is ghost and what is gold.  As Mars moves retrograde in your opposite sign just before the Full Moon on Wednesday, he begins this journey which for you will be likened to walking through a hall of mirrors.  You will over the coming months come frequently face to face with important others who show you who you are and who you are not.   But remember the hall of mirrors is an optical illusion.  Some of the mirrors are distorted.  Your work is to align with the ones that are true.  It’s already begun.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

Life is love and creation.  If you have been feeling restricted or weighed down as of recently it is imperative for you to decipher what is blocking your heart and what is blocking the flow of energy that allows you to feel light and free.  This is the same energy that fills you up in a way that allows you to share willingly and generously with others.    Your psycho-spiritual health has been suffering as of lately.  Now is a time create more space in your life for Joy.  If you don’t create this space, it will somehow be created for you this week and in coming weeks.  “Until the unconscious is made conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” (Jung) The tendency of your sign is to work and be in service of others until you are worn to the bone.  But this a barren model and coupled with the stressors of modern living, it is one that one that could significantly harm your well-being.  What will it take for you to prioritize your own happiness above your work?  The Full Moon rising this week asks you to do this.  Your heart is what needs attention.


Libra & Libra Rising

Our mother is our first example of love.  The way you received love from your mother in many ways has informed you how to love others.  Let’s go to that relationship now, however uncomfortable it may be.  In its highest potential, a mother’s love is kind, tender, soft, nourishing and consistent.  Unconditional and understanding.  You may have been blessed with moments of this, or not.  On the contrary, many have experienced another end of a mother’s love at some point as well.  A mother’s love can also be possessive, jealous, angry and attached.  Protective and preserving.  Ruled by an instinct that is animalistic and sometimes untrusting.  Out of the two, which characteristics do you exude most frequently?  Be honest.  From experience, you may know which one feels better.  Dig deep into your history and understand why you love the way you do.  The Full Moon brings awareness to the deepest part of who you are and where you come from.  It also may bring with it an important final culmination around where you live.  All for the highest good.  You are redefining what you call home.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Communication and honoring your own boundaries is a lifelong lesson for you.  Your sign is so often associated with the ability to “cut off,” and while some of you may pride yourselves on this, at what cost do you cut others out and at what cost do you so easily say Goodbye?  Sometimes at the price of your own physical and emotional well being.  You have become so accustomed to the death and rebirth, it is quite possible that you sometimes you start this process preemptively.  However, your words are magic at the time of the full moon.  Your need for boundaries and limitations are extremely important now.  This week may very well contain an important letting go, although not necessarily.  While bowing out quickly and silently is one way to handle things, effective and non-violent communication is truly a gift that expands and transforms situations that may be blocked and turns them into their highest potential.  The Full Moon rewards maturity and pragmatism.  Watch, wait and see.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon is a benefit to you if you are in right alignment with your worth.  If you are working with or closely involved with people who value you and what you bring to the table, you will be rewarded.  If you are still for some reason in an environment that undercuts your gifts and abilities, the colors will begin to bleed this week.  This Capricorn Moon brings gifts to those that are methodical in their approach to their work, and to their closest relationships.  Capricorn thrives with proper boundaries but slows to a halt when it’s energy is not focused and directed.  Direct your focus with the mightiest of efforts now.  Remember that how you earn your income is directly tied to how you value yourself and what you are willing to to take on.  What are you worth?  How will you ask for what you want and deserve?  This week, timing is everything.  Strike while the iron is hot.  With the retrograde cycle of Mars beginning around the time of this full moon, anticipate contacts from your past surfacing.  Which of these is valuable, which of these belongs in the past?  It will be up to you to figure this out.  This is your work in coming months.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The star of the show, the one in the driver’s seat of it all at the moment.  The sun highlights your deep and essential need for home, security and comfort within your closest relationships while the moon asks you to release any part of your life that does not have real and rooted integrity.  Your needs have changed and shifted, or are in the process of doing so.  Your ruling planet Saturn is super-powered this week, giving you the grit to see any task to it’s finish and to firm up any lines in the sand that need to be drawn.  There is a definitive sense of culmination, as your pot is boiling over.  There may be many opportunities arising but there is something coming to a finish, for better or for worse, by way of the closest people to you in your life.  What are the mirrors of your closest connections showing to you?  Are there any aspects of your life which have seen you not honoring your own needs as of recently, over-extending yourself or overworking yourself to no end? Capricorn in its highest manifestation knows that while hard work is the way, pushing yourself beyond the point of depletion serves no one.  Right now, you must be most concerned with your own well-being and the direction of your future.  It is bright and luminous.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

“We all have demons to fight, we call these demons fear, hatred and anger.  If you do not conquer them then a life of one hundred years is a tragedy.  If you do, then a life of a single day can be a triumph.”  (Yip Man)

It’s time to make peace with a part of yourself that you have kept hidden for sometime.  The Full Moon takes place in a mystical part of your chart sometimes called the house of the Un-doing.  It is about those habits, those tendencies and those secrets that keep you shackled and pull you under.  It is about the parts of your psyche that are hidden and often perceived as ugly or unworthy.   And the light of the moon on Wednesday illuminates all of them.  It is time to overcome at least one of your demons and to do your best to make friends with a part of yourself that is not comfortable or cozy.  What you have learned as of recently is that what you resist, persists.   Your fear, anxiety or sadness will not diminish until you allow yourself to feel it.  Do you want to live a life through the lens of your fears?   Your sign is often one perceived as cold or unloving because your tendency is to live in the realm of the mind.  Facing your fear this week requires dropping into your heart.  No part of this horoscope says it is easy.  It’s not.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Your allegiances are changing.  It’s essential that you align yourself with others who possess the capability to be as compassionate as you.  I have said this before, and I will say it again.  You have been blessed to walk this earth with your natal Sun in Pisces (or the prominence of this as your Ascendant) but this comes with a responsibility.  You have to learn the sacred art of creating boundaries between those who are not capable of dropping into their hearts and feeling empathy for the world around.   This is detrimental to your well being and almost dangerous for you.  To surround yourself with others who are loving, who share the desire to heal and connect to spirit the way you do is imperative to the fulfillment of your destiny.  If you do not feel held by those in your life, the Full Moon will adjust you properly.  Or you could get to the business of doing the adjustment, slowly and methodically, now.  Everyday on this planet is a true gift, and there is no guarantee that any of us will see another day on earth.  It is best for you to be around people who can hold you in your fullness and revere the gifts that you share.  Not bleed them dry.







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