Post Ecliptic Burnout Blues

Hi dear ones – a dark moon in Sagittarius post ecliptic – all the makings of an existential crisis are here.  Call it a cosmic cocktail that you never wanted to drink.  An increased sensation of inertia with simultaneous desire to jet off to Sirius B / Andromeda you say?

What are symptoms of post ecliptic burnout blues as the moon wanes to dark in Sagi and Mars begins to square Pluto?


image1 (1)
image of the OMs from Fantastic Planet

You have the deep and felt sense that nothing will ever be the same.  (Hint – you are right)

A new found tendency to want to avoid human interaction after a period of (forced) high vibrational and sustained socializing.

A desire to pull off incredible life changes very quickly (Jupiter in Sagittarius)- which in reality will take an incredible amount of leg work and fortitude (Saturn in Capricorn).  Buckle up.

A general disdain for inauthentic relationships of all kinds, especially those built on indirect or defunct communication styles

Intense bouts of clearing out your abode, throwing away old belongings, a sudden aversion/repulsion towards remnants or mementos of “days gone by” accompanied ALSO by bizarre waves of nostalgia

Sleeping for unusually long hours

Carbs.  Many carbs.

The phrase “it’s not you – it’s me” is coming to mind.  It actually IS YOU at the moment.




This upcoming weekend is a great one to turn the ringer off and commit all energy to self development enterprises, ritual bathing, sacred sexuality, ART, marathon sleeping, adrenal tonics, meditation.

Or you could attempt/tempt the dark moon in Capricorn, making contacts to both Saturn & Pluto, by fucking with your CHI and pushing full throttle, getting really weird and subsequently living in a sea of regret.  Either way the upcoming Pluto mars square will do it’s work in getting whatever is lurking in the shadows of your psyche to nudge its way to the surface.   Cooperate or rebel?

Cooler heads prevail



*I’d like to make a note that it is no coincidence, as noted in the bio of this website, that my work is highly influenced by the astro-genius and witchery of Mystic Medusa ( as I have long dubbed her queen of everything.  Her insights are pure brilliance and while I have a lifetime interest, study and engagement with astrology, I continue to be a strict devotee of her work.*

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