New Cosmic Coaching Program

Hello Dear Moon Children,


I have developed a new Cosmic Coaching program which has been in the works for sometime, stirring up in the Cosmic Cauldron and slowly surfacing at the end of our Beloved (right?) eclipse season and in the midst of our quicksilver Mercury retrograde of the summer.   Mercury Rx is AMAZING for regenerating and revitalizing an idea that has been on the back burner.  VOILA.

Your initial session is free and includes a 30 minute consult and personalized transit horoscope.  When I say personalized, I mean it is ONLY FOR YOU.  Book this initial session here:

Cosmic Coaching Intro Session (free)


Cosmic Coaching:

Monthly Conjuring

This ongoing empowerment program includes:

-A (very!) discounted initial and comprehensive Natal Birth Chart Reading done in person or skype/phone

-Ongoing monthly phone/skype consults (or in person for those of you in the Bay Area) for $25/month

-Monthly written PERSONALIZED horoscopes, with highlight dates and transits according to YOUR birth chart – please note that this is unlike ANY horoscope you will read publicly.  It is unique to YOU.

I am really excited about this, so let’s start the MAGIC.  Your intro session is FREE and includes a 30 minute call with an initial write-up which will be a small taste of the Monthly Conjuring session.

Click the link below to GET WITH IT

Cosmic Coaching

with Jennie Hayes




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