Yours Truly

Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Ascendant, Pisces Moon.  Strong heart.

I have been fascinated with astrology, divination and mysticism since I was a child.  My natural inclination has always been toward the creative, healing and esoteric.  This site is named after my favorite painting as a young girl, long before I understood Venus to be the ruling planet of my Sun sign.

I believe in Magic.  I believe that Astrology is a language to which I have only begun to understand, despite a lifelong infatuation.  Writing, communicating and examining astrological charts is not only a creative outlet for me, but an opportunity for experiential growth.  My desire is to empower others with my writing and interpretation.  I have been conducting chart analysis since 2008, opening my readings up to clients within the past decade.

I am a rape survivor and strong supporter of women.  This is relevant- it taught me how to transform pain to power, which is always a theme in my writing.

I am a strict devotee of Mystic Medusa, the all-seeing eye of Astrology.  I am currently enrolled in her Astro School and am HIGHLY influenced by her.  See her incredible work here:

My other educational astrological influences are Dane Rhudyar, Liz Greene, Steven Forrest, Demetra George.

I also have had the pleasure of sitting with esteemed astrologer Salina Rain as a client and have gained great insight from her interpretations of the cosmos, as well Linea Van Horn and Genevieve Jacobs.

I come from a small family of poets and artists.  I dedicate all of my writing and love to them.  Leslie, Maureen, My father and My Mother.  I love you.