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Read my Bio below – to contact me and for all Cosmic Coaching & Chart Reading inquiries please e-mail 13moonyoga@gmail.


Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Ascendant, Pisces Moon.  Strong heart.

I have been fascinated with astrology, divination and mysticism since I was a child.  My natural inclination has always been toward the creative, healing and esoteric.  This site is named after my favorite painting as a young girl, long before I understood Venus to be the ruling planet of my Sun sign.

I believe in Magic.  I believe that Astrology is a spiritual language which I have only begun to understand, despite a lifelong infatuation and study.  Writing, communicating and examining astrological charts is not only a creative outlet for me, but an opportunity for experiential growth.  My desire is to empower others with my writing and interpretation.  I have been conducting chart analysis since 2008, opening my readings up to clients within the past decade.

I am a rape survivor and strong supporter of women.  This is relevant- it taught me how to transform pain to power, which is always a theme in my astrological counsel.  The challenges we are faced with throughout the course of our lifetime, reflected in the Cosmos, offer us an opportunity to liberate ourselves from oppressive karmic patterns.

I am a strict devotee of Mystic Medusa, the all-seeing eye of Astrology. SHE IS THE QUEEN.  My work is highly influenced by her as I have been a subscriber for nearly a decade. See her incredible work here:

My other educational astrological influences are Dane Rhudyar, Liz Greene, Steven Forrest, Demetra George and many more.

I also have had the pleasure of sitting with esteemed astrologer Salina Rain as a client and gained great insight from her interpretations of the cosmos, as well Linea Van Horn and Genevieve Jacobs.

I come from a small family of poets and artists.  I dedicate all of my writing and love to them.  Leslie, Maureen, My father and My Mother – I love you.