Cosmic Coaching

Monthly personalized coaching and horoscope program



As your introduction to my Cosmic Coaching program, I offer you a free 30 minute consult, short summary and discussion of current Astrological transits (according to your Natal birth chart) that can and will be affecting you, along with a few prompts and suggestions as to how to use this energy to it’s greatest potential. Our call will be via phone or skype meeting and you will receive a Google docs file with your summary before we chat.

In this initial session and consult you will get a brief taste of my Cosmic Coaching style and leave empowered with information that may benefit your future. I ask that you send in your birthdate, time and place so I may look at your chart. I will choose the most currently relevant transit(s) and detail this in a short write up. This is only a magical little sip of what is stirring inside a much larger cauldron.

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Cosmic Coaching Intro Session (free)

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Full Monthly Conjuring Program

Cost:  $300

6 months of personalized written horoscope packets along with a Natal Chart Reading & Summary

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After your intro call and consult, I offer you consistent and ongoing monthly counsel. We will have one phone/skype call per month and you will receive a write up with prompts and suggestions as to how you may best utilize the incoming Cosmic transits. THIS WRITE UP IS SPECIFIC TO YOUR NATAL ASTROLOGY AND DIFFERS GREATLY FROM A GENERALIZED HOROSCOPE, although it will certainly contain a fair amount of generalized info as well that will be useful (pertaining to all signs). It will be creative and differ in it’s themes depending on the month.

This program is likened to a monthly horoscope, however, it is specific to you ALONE – because you are the only one with your original & UNIQUE MAGIC.

We will talk about highlight dates, new moon and full moons, affecting progressions and transits along with any other major themes relevant.

This ongoing empowerment program includes:

-A (very!) discounted initial and comprehensive Natal Birth Chart Reading done in person or skype/phone

-Ongoing monthly phone/skype consults 30 minutes long (or in person for those of you in the Bay Area)

-Monthly written PERSONALIZED horoscope packets, with 3-5 pages of detailed information, relevant transits, new moon and full moon rituals, affirmations and a tarot card of the month

I am really excited about this, so let’s start the MAGIC.  Your intro session is FREE and includes a 30 minute call with an initial write-up which will be a small taste of the Monthly Conjuring session.

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Cosmic Coaching with Jennie Hayes