NOVEMBER SCOPES POSTED ON NOV. 2nd – due to Mercury retrograde issue – below are October


Enjoy the Scopes & Devour Yourself Whole


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Monthly Power Scopes – ALL FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD


ARIES & ARIES RISING – Boundaries serve to contain my immense power.


There is no beating around the bush- this month is pivotal in terms of your soul growth.  Events that occur will transform your life and the changes that are seeded at this time will determine your course significantly for months to come.  This has everything to do with reclaiming your personal power, as you come into this month with a realization around how much energy you have been giving to certain others in your life.  It is not that these individuals are undeserving of your love – but now is a time to summon and conserve all of your precious Chi for your own efforts.  Pay very close attention to any personal dynamics or interactions that leave you feeling drained as they may have Vampiric undertones.  The Full Moon at the 12th of the month asks for this:  Sacrifice.  And to understand why I have chosen this word to guide you forward, let us go to it’s root meaning.  To sacrifice is to make sacred, to abandon or release something in the name of God.  As you release something this month- know that is in great service to the Divine spirit that rests inside of your heart.  Trust that your offering will open you to Joy, despite any and all discomfort along the journey.


TAURUS & TAURUS RISING – I honor the past while allowing myself to release it.


As the month begins, your vitality and work is emphasized.  Being kind to your body in thought and action, taking extra rest, doing your daily tasks with precision and method, eating well and creating a nurturing environment at home sets you up to succeed and thrive in your professional life.  The Full Moon at the 12th in the sign just before your own is a spiritual RESET.  Self-limiting beliefs, ghosts of the past and previous trauma, habitual and unconscious patterns – perhaps some from this lifetime and some from previous incarnations – these are all on the chopping block, as they have for too long held you back from your destined path.  You are faced with a decision:  Will you let your past define your future?  Or, instead, will you choose to step up, believe in yourself in a way that you never have before and expand into the fullness of who you are now.  Pluto square to the full moon says YES. This is a time to love yourself more than ever, to back your ideas with unwaivering confidence, self trust and faith. In facing some of these demons head on, choosing love over fear, you enrich your primary relationship – to SELF – and in turn, you see quite soon a deepening of other important relationships in your life. The end of the month solidifies one or multiple important partnerships.


GEMINI & GEMINI RISING – I surround myself with those who reflect my light more than my darkness.


My hope is that at the start of this month, after the New Moon at the end of September, you have begun to feel a spark inside your heart again.  Whether it be a creative pursuit that lights you up, or a new personal connection that brings you Joy, you thrive with the heavy cosmic weight of planetary bodies in Libra at the start of this month.  While the summer’s dominant energy has been so much to do with work and resources, stressors and tensions, you may have felt that life has lacked a certain luster.  This fall proves to be much more dynamic in terms of your personal life.  You are ready for this, no doubt.  The Full Moon mid-month brings energy to your social connections, as you become more clear about those that nurture your desire for more spiritual intimacy and those that are no longer vibrating at the frequency you want to be tuned to.  Notice what feelings and intuitions surface as the month progresses.  The last pass of the Jupiter-Neptune square that has been forming on and off throughout the past year occurs; the rose colored glasses you have worn in terms of relationships begin to fully and finally come off and the fog begins to clear (think:  ideal vs. real).  The processes unfolding don’t have to be painful, do know that Joy and clarity can be companions.  However, you have to make change where change is due.  By the month’s end, you have a clear opening to step into a new role in terms of your service to this world.  You have so much to share and there is no need to hold back.  In actuality, that would be a great disservice to the world at large.


CANCER & CANCER RISING – I deserve the recognition and rewards that I receive.


Yes, you deserve this.  You have been working long and hard to cultivate more meaningful partnerships both professionally and personally and that work is beginning to bear significant fruit.  The eclipses of this summer may have caused certain upheaval, which was necessary in order for your personal growth, welcome or not.  A fair amount of surrender and faith has had to be part of this process.  Relocation, a deepening of commitment or chosen separation, for many of you these things have occurred.  Libra season continues to put an emphasis on your (new?) home base, while the full moon on the 12th brings shifts in your career.  Know that this shift is necessary for you to expand, know that its effect will carry you into a future that is more in alignment with who you are now vs. who you were not so long ago.  As one by one, mercury, venus and the Sun glide into Scorpio, you are given more and more access to creative and joyful energy.  While so much of your energy has been devoted to immediate tasks, home and working life, now you are given the opening to have sometime to enjoy yourself.  The end of the month finishes with a New Moon that is sparking some new project or life into existence.  What deep inside of you wants to be born?


LEO & LEO RISING – My home is a sacred sanctuary inside my own heart, only accessible to me.


I would imagine that your incoming and outgoing communications, community connections and social obligations have felt somewhat overwhelming as of late (and currently).  While often deemed or perceived as a highly extraverted sign, the outer world can often demand too much of you, assuming that your creative and generous spirit has no need for boundary or seclusion.  This is not the case by any means.  It is, in fact, that very spirit that requires you much time alone in order to restore, to create, to give freely.  It is up to you now to create that time for yourself and set proper boundaries to ensure you maintain and care for yourself – mind, body and spirit.  While the full moon at the 12th may see you traveling or making important connections with others at a far distance, with some important culminations and realizations, the weeks following that time will ask you to take more time to yourself to ground and be at home.  Reconnecting with your family of origin, reconsidering where you live, enjoying privacy… all of these are on the table around month’s end.  Rest in stillness, create in quietude, know that next month the energy will again shift towards the fire element and your energy will be higher.  Enjoy the spiritual solitude for now, revel in your inner sanctum.


VIRGO & VIRGO RISING – I thrive in collaboration and cooperation.


This month serves to remind you that you do not have to “go it alone,” nor does this outmoded ethos serve you.  And you must examine – from where, when and whom did you inherit this idea that relying on the help of others is a form of weakness?  Why does asking for help disturb you so?  Perhaps, at another time in life you were forced or taught to rely only on yourself. However, now is not that time.  It does not mean you have to give up your power – in contrast, it asks you to increase your power with the backing of others.  You are blessed in terms of your ability to move forward, to work and provide for yourself but where you often fall short is in your connection to your own needs and your willingness to reach out when necessary.  The Full Moon sees some major clarity coming in around your ability to share – on all levels.  Look clearly at where you are gripping too tightly to your own resources and ask yourself why intimately involving yourself with another, whether it be financially or romantically (or both) incites so much fear within you.  In that exploration, you may discover an inner child that actually secret longs to be cared for.  Tend to that child as if they were your own.  Feel supported and please rest – Mars leaving your sign around the 4th sees you coming off of a 6 week hellish work bender. Money starts to flow with more ease.


LIBRA & LIBRA RISING – In loving myself, I can love others more.


You have to take the time to know yourself, to care of yourself, to be with yourself and to love yourself more than ever now.  You do so well at caring for all those who are lucky enough to be part of your family circle – friends, lovers and children.  But without time on your own and proper rest, you begin to wither and subsequently your relationships with many begin to suffer.  Spreading yourself too thin serves no one.  You must spend some time alone when you can.  Make the time.  The beginning of the month and up to the Full Moon in Aries sees you trying to balance the desire and need to provide for yourself, take care of your health and also maintain balance in relationships that mean a great deal to you.  It is possible, although, a delicate balance and dance.  The Full Moon at mid-month puts certain (perhaps multiple) partnerships at the forefront, with transformative agreements and conclusions being made.  Compromise in all relationships is essential but not a compromise of your independence and sovereignty as a whole.  This is not all doom and gloom, this is about personal development and moving into the next important phase of your life.  Who is coming with you?  Who now only has a place in your past?  It all becomes more and more clear.  A note that if you are working to hustle up financial power in October, you gain momentum all month – and by the New Moon at October 28th, you fly high as new opportunities present themselves, some without foresight.


SCORPIO & SCORPIO RISING – I shed the past, with honor and reverence, as I step into a new future.


With an incredible amount of activity in your 12th house at the start of the month, there is so much going on behind the scenes in your world that you absolutely must take extra rest.  This is a non-negotiable.  You are in this space of moving steadily away from a previous life and into another, but this month you are straddling the two worlds.  Remnants of past are all around you, old connections are revisited and perhaps utilized to your advantage, while others feel like an unwelcome haunt.  As the time before your birthday often is – this is a time that involves reflection on the entirety of your year, birthday to birthday, with moments of grieving and joy.  While as a western culture we are not encouraged to revere or celebrate death, you as a Scorpio have had to learn how to do this for yourself.  So honor Death now.  Make friends with your ghosts, greet them and wave farewell as they pass.  The Full Moon on the 12th sees a major shift around your working life with a project coming to fruition and culmination.  After this, the moon begins to wane toward a New Moon in your sign on October 28th and after this time, you will arise renewed, refreshed and with the support of close partnerships that have nothing to do with your past but everything to do with the creation of your future, personally and professionally.




The nebulous and tricky to navigate energy surrounding your home or family of origin for the past year begins to fade OR the process concludes in the early part of the month, which hopefully sees you on more solid footing (literally) and ready for a growth oriented month.  The time between the New Moon on Sept 28th and Full Moon on October 12th sees you with an upsurge of social interactions, opportunities to connect with friends and quite a bit of creative brilliance, which I would imagine is welcome after so much recent focus on home/work life and associated stressors.  All the while, Mercury + Venus tour the sign just before yours, with the Sun joining them around the 23rd, this time would be well spent on creative/artistic/romantic projects at home, while you transmute any toxic psychic accumulata from the earlier part of the year.  You’ve learned a lot about what you don’t want in terms of who you share a bed with, or a home with, and you’re continuing to reframe the way you make money with some really exciting developments ahead as you move into the winter.  The crux is – you have to believe in yourself and have faith in your pursuits.  While you appear often or always so bold to the world around you- when your cards are down you often suffer a lack of confidence or bury your head in the sand in an extreme way.  The Full Moon at the 12th of the month is not the time to do this – chin up and I think you’ll enjoy it’s Aries wildness, a bit of revelry after Mars in Virgo career bootcamp for the past 6 weeks.


CAPRICORN & CAPRICORN RISING – From a stable base, I welcome an abundance of new connections.


Hear that?  It is the sound of Saturn off the South Node of strange karmic (crap) relationship hauntings and moving direct in your sign, the sign he rules.  You are liking it already.  The end of September and its New Moon marked or began a process and shift around your working life that will grow its wings this month and you can take a long deep breath of fresh new air.  You deserve it.  Drink it in, enjoy some of the pressure letting up – although there is the Full Moon and Sun-Pluto square mid-month to contend with but alas, do not succumb to Pluto paranoia.  Quite frankly, you’ve got this shit. You are a Pluto tour guide at this point and you are making it work for you, whatever comes your way.  You are fully equipped to handle any realization around the the Full Moon on October 12th which is putting some pressure on your home/family/work situation.  Nothing calamitous needs to occur, but if a band-aid holding together an already faulty crack needs to be ripped off, you will be gearing up to do it without reticence.  Take note of any and all findings, respond vs. react, the full Moon in Aries likes to take things head on but you are a Capricorn – cooler heads always prevail and that’s your style anyway.  Do it with steel / lead reserve and composure.  The New Moon in Scorpio at the end of the month is lovely – think soulful and sultry – could see the entrance of some promising new connection that drops itself into your lap.  Think Scorpio terrain:  money or sex.  Both?


AQUARIUS & AQUARIUS RISING – I am reaping what I sow.


Yes, your hard work is about to start paying off AND the right people are going to start noticing what you have been up to.  Yes, indeed – it is happening and as Mercury + Venus oppose your ruling planet you are getting some interesting offers and opportunities but you have to get through this little wild little Full Moon on October 12th – squaring Pluto and seeing you with an inbox minefield and a flurry of communication and technology issues that are frazzling even to you, who operates at a higher cerebral frequency and functioning than most or ALL of the zodiac.  Even your cool head begins to explode, but alas you shall thrive, overcome, discard anything that is begging to be thrown out, like projects or pursuits (people?) that have nothing to do with future you but more to do with you in previous phase.  As always, you are living ahead of the game and anyone who isn’t showing themselves to be on your team … you already know where that’s headed and what to do.  Don’t let the door hit on the way out and then after mid-month you are doing a Career build toward the New Moon on October 28th which sees some kind of offer float to the surface that could provide you with more stability – since stability is your new favorite drug thanks to Uranus in Taurus.  Be open and ready.


PISCES & PISCES RISING –  I am worth it.


Your highly idealistic tendency and constant idea generation is enviable, unrivaled and incomparable, making you the STAR that you are but this is also your dragon’s belly.  While you enjoy the stream of collective unconscious data and spiritual info flowing through you at all times (mostly) – it becomes cumbersome when some of said ideas don’t pan out how you thought or wanted.  The lifelong Pisces conundrum but you are working it out – getting your shit together and the Full moon this month features another “friends and money don’t mix” memorandum but you know it’s message already so use this advance preview now to get on top of anything simmering to a boil.  Avoid aggressive work people or people suckling off your talents with no return, and do your best to diplomatically tell those trying to squeeze you for a dime and short change you to kindly vacate the premises, your psychic space, etc.  Jupiter-Neptune finishing up their dance sees the end to 3 part drama that has been playing out in career realms over the past year.  Eventually, you feel some reprieve.  As Mercury + Venus climb their way up your chart, Mars slips into your O.P.M.S. sector – Other People’s Money or Sex – Although it may be tempting to take out some kind of loan, fund a large scale project/whim or hop in the sack with an intriguing new partner you have in mind, do your research.  Pluto-Mars in early November takes no prisoners.  Listen to the sights and signs around the Full Moon October 12th and Sun-Pluto just following and see what’s up from there. Enjoy the Neptunian/water vibe of the later month and that sweet New Moon October 28th, a great time to enjoy a bit of travel – actual, astral or otherwise.