The Devil I Knew

Written in Fall 2017 The Devil I Knew I’m halfway open always on the mend. Are you still undone, the way that I loved you? I pray that wherever you are, I could find you still in 1,000 pieces dancing. Not so whole that you disremember the Pan-God in you that runs wild. Not so … More The Devil I Knew

The Resurrection

  This poem was written as an ode to the work of the Venus retrograde transit that came to an end on April 15- the title is in reference to the ascent of Venus, however apt timing with the Easter holiday.  In typical fashion, this transit brought back people from my past, unfinished and loose energetic … More The Resurrection

The Descent

While there is an incredible amount of astrological literature available to you around this upcoming retrograde transit of Venus (please see the wonderful work of Chani Nicholas here) I offer my sentiments, thoughts and intuition on the significance of this journey ahead: In some respect the transit is only semi-rare; Venus appears to go backward … More The Descent

Exorcism of the Beloved

image :  Gaurav Mishra The following is a poem I wrote following a shamanic de-cording meditation.  What this entails is the visualization and subsequent clearing of the energetic bond or “cord” linking myself to another person.  Following the meditation, I felt incredible release.