The Procession

(photo by Ellie Bramley) We’re on the sacred journey now – the descent of Venus through Aries/Pisces began early this Saturday morning and sets the tone for the spring ahead.  Deep relational work, the ever-present dance between Self and the Other, we’re called to go back and tend to any healing left unfinished in our closest bonds. … More The Procession

The Descent

While there is an incredible amount of astrological literature available to you around this upcoming retrograde transit of Venus (please see the wonderful work of Chani Nicholas here) I offer my sentiments, thoughts and intuition on the significance of this journey ahead: In some respect the transit is only semi-rare; Venus appears to go backward … More The Descent

Exorcism of the Beloved

image :  Gaurav Mishra The following is a poem I wrote following a shamanic de-cording meditation.  What this entails is the visualization and subsequent clearing of the energetic bond or “cord” linking myself to another person.  Following the meditation, I felt incredible release.

Venus enters Shadow

This poem was started around January 27 – that point when Venus entered the “shadow” of her retrograde.  This means she began traversing the degrees that she will revisit on her descent from Aries back into the realm of Pisces in March/April.  Enjoy.


A poem written in spirit of the upcoming Retrograde transit of Venus occurring between Aries and Pisces, the main theme is that distinct desire Venus in Aries has for freedom.  Venus in Aries asks us to examine what it is we are willing to sacrifice for relationship, how will we maintain our independence and still … More Communion