The Devil I Knew

Written in Fall 2017 The Devil I Knew I’m halfway open always on the mend. Are you still undone, the way that I loved you? I pray that wherever you are, I could find you still in 1,000 pieces dancing. Not so whole that you disremember the Pan-God in you that runs wild. Not so … More The Devil I Knew

Power Scopes

POWER SCOPES:  WEEK of MAY 23RD – NEW MOON IN GEMINI Dealing with the death of my sweet dog Bodhi found my horoscopes delayed- that combined with the fact that I deleted nearly 9 hours of writing work early on Tuesday morning with the stroke of one key.  Lessons learned.   Here are the scopes- … More Power Scopes

The Redemption

(image is a Vajrayogini 18th century mandala, Rubin museum of art) The energy in the skyscape and reflected upon us is that of great power struggles at the moment.  The concept of personal power comes to the forefront – how we do cultivate power?  How do we give it away? Jupiter in Libra and Pluto … More The Redemption

Venus enters Shadow

This poem was started around January 27 – that point when Venus entered the “shadow” of her retrograde.  This means she began traversing the degrees that she will revisit on her descent from Aries back into the realm of Pisces in March/April.  Enjoy.